The Coming

The Jews know that they need to create a constant state of deception and of lies in order to control their slaves and stupefied minions. They will mobilize and implement all tools that they own in order to fulfill this accomplishment, even at the cost of getting a taste of this poison themselves. They know that their lies can come tumbling down at any moment and even from a single breath and it has happened countless times before throughout history. They know that once their subject is freed from their mind control and their strings are snipped that they cannot be reclaimed and have permanently defected to their “enemy.”

The Jews use their hosts as proxies and always have. Every single war in the past century without variation has been fought in the name of Jews and their ancient bloody goal of world conquest. They have used our people as the mass reservoir for these genocidal wars of mass attrition and endless carnage against people who have incited the bloodthirsty hatred of the Jews and have even enumerated their plan point by point by point on how to achieve this sinister goal of worldwide hegemony.

The cities are merely the birthing pools of the other races and are where the main crux of the Jewish power lies. They will be where the great majority of the fighting and bloodshed is when the time comes. Only the worthless, sub-human filth of the under races reside there and fester in their continual rot of disease. They rely completely on the resources of the outside word and cannot produce anything on their own: from food, water, electricity and fuel. Thus, they will be the first to fall, with errant remnants of the remaining sludge futilely fleeing into the countryside.

More and more have shifted to our side of the battlefield after the anti-White agenda has become more and more apparent. The white man is the sleeping giant. The ravings and savagery of the third world muds for the past 70 years in our lands is diminutive compared to what we do when we awaken. Whenever he awakens and exerts himself to the fullest of his power he wrecks and obliterates nations, peoples, ideologies and entire continents. The Jews fear this deliriously and know it is only a matter of time. This is why they always have and still do live in an isolated form of a “permanent ghetto” away from the rest of the world while still manipulating those who surround them. They and their colored hordes are waging their war in utmost totality and still have not achieved victory, nor will they ever. They are failures.

Although grim and instigating of the greatest angers, this should give us hope. After all, who are the only ones capable of using such astonishing mass brutality and unforgiving force against others? We are! We are the ones that possess the rigidness, fearlessness and complete moral apathy when it comes to reigning destruction upon our enemies. The Jews on our backs will be caught by surprise and will shriek when the cold barreled steel is pointed in the other direction.

They only have to lose once. They cannot survive without their fellow tribesmen in Washington and London continuing to hold the entire world hostage. The Jews possess a self-destructive complex that will invariably lead to their own demise. They will be the first to perish in abundancy when the race war comes. They have already fled their occupied nations en masse for fear of what their dogs have unleashed upon them. This has happened in every single great uprising and war in Europe and elsewhere. The Jews are always the first ones to perish once the curtain has been flung back and their machinations have been revealed to all. They were too busy counting their gold to know what is coming up behind them. And they know it. The genetic nature of the Jew will always end in self-destruction as they work to undermine and destroy their host societies while unknowingly eroding the very ground that they stand on. The Jew needs to create confusion, while remaining uncaring of the growing distrust, resentment and hatred of himself generated by his parasitic, urban-dwelling nature. He knows the pattern of destruction that he has wrought on each of his hosts always finds its way back to him, but he doesn’t care. They are now acting against their own interests in a vain attempt to derive a heightened sense of pleasure from the fleecing of their hosts, even in the face of collapse. It is their innate biological manifestations of envy, greed, anxiety, vitriol, vituperation and pure hatred that blinds them. They are always in paranoia and fear; and rightly so. They know that they can be eliminated at any moment and we can fix our problems instantly if we wanted to and will frantically rush towards their own demise in the futile image of victory, abject of the consequences he has foisted upon himself. Frenetically they attempt to seize the sympathy of the world in a sea of tears and victimhood with arms flailing while their cleavers castrate and lacerate the entire world in a conflagration of blood and fire. Instead of regrouping and retreating to their well trusted forms of self-sustenance in the ghetto, they will continue to push their delegitimized Holocaust fraud, condemn the world for their undefined definition of anti-Semitism, import more immigrants that attack them in the streets and promote miscegenation while their children marry into the other races. The devious Jew has lost and is now a victim of his own Marxist scourge.

We are constantly struggling in our endless drive towards our goal as guaranteed to us by Mother Nature. We are gradually inching our way towards the tipping point and can feel it substantially. More and more will awaken as the beatings, robberies, rapes and murders continue without any form of justice. The justice will thereby be within our hands.

Why do we want to import these subhuman animals when we can tangibly see what it is that they have done to their own countries? Why is something as self-destructive and suicidal even given a meager consideration in the mind of anyone? Why is someone with even a slight variation is skin color, much more a completely different shade allowed to come into the beautiful and pure lands of the Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Britons, Irish, Germans, French, Poles, Russians and all other Europeans? We know full well that they are parasites and couldn’t contribute anything of any value to our societies, whether we want it or not. They certainly don’t want to strengthen our countries in any form either. Instead, they are given complete reign in our countries by the Jews to wreck, destroy, defile, dirty and desecrate in typical emulation of their own homelands. Furthermore, these so-called “refugees” who have been brought here at the behest of endless Zionist wars and the deaths of thousands of Europeans of healthy racial stock are from the utterly worst and lowest strata in their own homelands and are complete cowards. To us Europeans, this is a completely foreign concept. We only have love of our own soil and never retreat from an anticipated danger. Our bravery will always overcome any considerations of weakness or fear and will only perish when we do ourselves. We are warriors who risk our lives in the name of honour and self-sacrifice. We never retreat and die carrying only our name and blood. Serving your race and people in great times of need are what distinguishes the warriors from the cowards. Cowards only deserve the fate that they have heaped upon themselves. What person would flee their country when in the face of imminent danger and is demanded to defend his own homeland and soil? What type of person would abandon his own family and kin in order to live a parasitic existence in another foreign land? Is living as a detested and despised minority in another land more worthy than dying for your own homeland that you were reared in and that your ancestors had worked for thousands of years? Are they so cowardly to even deflect the idea of at least joining a militia or paramilitary group? It is better to die with a body full of lead and gushing wounds than one of surgical tubing and encrusted mucus in an alien realm. May the enemy hearken to these acts of defiance and cower in fear over the enraged wrath of his belligerents.

Welcome to Europe!

APTOPIX Mideast Iraq
Wow! Such diversity!

We’ve even built you a new homeland in Sweden!
Feel free to rape and dismember our women and children to the fullest of your iniquitous needs!

I eagerly await the day when we can reclaim our native homelands and fulfill our natural destiny in our inexorable drive towards full self-realization and purity. We are in the last phases of our mental progressive actualization with the musings of the Marxist refuse slowly withering away while removing those who have pitifully succumbed to it’s rot.

I await the rise of our leader, born or unborn, with joyful anticipation and will gleefully march together with fellow comrades towards our greater future when the inevitable time comes. It will require every bit of compassion, reluctance, pity, compunction and sympathy for our enemies to be totally erased and disposed of permanently. The chains that have bound us to this Promethean torment will finally shatter and catapult the gnawing raven away only to soon be clenched in between our scarred hands. It is better to have lived one day as a wolf unchained and unhampered than an eternity as a demoralized, encumbered and broken lamb. We will enter the desolate and burned out shells of the streets with our honour in our hands and the very essence of our ancestors coursing through our veins while their spiritual presence guides our every wretched step among the crumbled ruins of their previous erections. Our armies of White European brethren will raze everything to dust in self-gratifying vengeance and to stamp out the last remaining elements of darkness. Fear not the words that are cowardly hurled at you and remember the words of those who have declared their intentions of eradicating our race. Fear not the dishonour and unclean blood that may soil your hands. Fighting an enemy who has no honour, no dignity, no compassion, no morality, no restraint and no spine and who can only win by cheating and manipulation must be ruthlessly annihilated by similar measure. Your descendants will forget your dishonourable deeds and will have reclaimed their living right to our own lands. Let the pleasure of unsullied revenge satiate your bloodlust as your enemies cower and bleat before you and beg hysterically. Do not waver in your decision and spare none.

Nothing is more important in our lives than our race and people. I will sleep at ease knowing that I will fulfill my duty as a member of my glorious European race, no matter if it is in magnificent victory over the enraptured darkness or being sent into blackened darkness myself. May the enemy spit and curse over the flaming ruins they walk over should they prevail. Their final murmurs resting on their lips as they lay in the ashes of the world they have destroyed will be in fear of the fury of the last European man. Should we prevail we will be spoken of and honoured in great exaltation for all generations to come. I take solace in these thoughts and know I will be upholding all that has came before me in the coming years. We have been given a great gift in being chosen to be born in these times.

Remember what all of them have done. Never forgive, never forget:






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Judea declares war

Judea Declares War on Germany (1)


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Palestinian Children Victims of Israeli Massacres 3









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A Calm Morning Mist

A calm morning mist falls

I can see the dreary rain in the distance

A small berry hangs from a twig

Veiled by tired drizzle

The purity of the water glides by

Solemn leaves float away

The Moon and the Sun meet

One saying farewell to the other

For they were lovers


The flower bursts forth from a well tended soil

Mother’s hands so tenderly stroking her child

Tingling aromas waft and blow in the air

Green vines twist and entwine

Spreading in wonderful ascent toward the azure

Smooth petals hang and dangle in moisted glee

Dripping into her endless womb

Returning life

Incipient veins stretch and absorb Nature’s delight


Hair sleek and shimmering

Inked silk swooped


Blue eyes blaring in the Sun

Tantalizing, encapsulating

Invigorating, inspiring

Compassionate, revered

A sharp point of the finger

Revealing the scheming enemy in the midst

A violent swing of the arm

Barking and roaring to the heavens

Visceral rage tormenting the skies

Shattering the lies

The truth unchained and reigning free

The voice of a nation rising

Ascending in magnificent glory

Essence that still walks among us


“The old, rotten edifice,
with its weak pillars of lies,
will give way,
and make way for the New.”

Presumed Prerogative & Destined Fulfillment

What is the most important thing in your life? Is it wealth? Is it popularity? Is it fashion? Is it a hobby? Is it personal security? For many people these are leading factors in their lives that shape how they act and what they believe in. These are the most important for quite a few also. It also forms an integral part in why they are motivated. Of course, some of these things are very important for a life of happiness and comfort. We would all like to be seen well by others and have a reputable image. We would all like to spend time doing the things we are impassioned about. We desire to be in the company of others who think alike, behave the same, agree with us and otherwise are of a similar disposition like us. Consequently though, these singular entities in our lives can preoccupy us and distract us from more worthwhile pursuits. This is a peculiar relationship that I would deem a majority of the populace doesn’t establish themselves well with. Some people only live to gain as much wealth as possible and to increase the amount of money in their bank accounts. Some live to meet as many people as possible but are left without having any notable or significant people in their lives and only do so for superficial reasons. There are also people, like me, who care about other more immediate and more important things in their lives. These are the people who view the world in a much broader context and look at themselves as only a small piece of the entire figure. This will be bemoaned by many who view such thoughts as too abstract but it is in fact an important aspect to consider. Those around us who we love, care for and wish to protect depend on this very ideal: our duty to our race.

The entirety of this figure is something that our ancestors had a much greater grasp of and were not impartial to their duties to their people and nation. Because of their lifestyle and their environment they had to live this way. They lived in tribes and the tribe itself depended on the contributions of each individual member working towards the collective good for it’s perpetuation and livelihood. There was a cohesion between tribal interests and personal interests, notably so in that the individual understood the necessity of subordinating himself to the tribe; else face deadly ramifications. Each individual member understood his function and carried it out effectively. Without the work of the individual there was to be no survival. Further advancing this idea, we can establish that without the individual there would be no whole. This applies just as relevantly today as it did eons ago.

There was no revolt or dissent. It was well understood that the continuity of the tribe depended on this premise. The inevitability of death and a yearning for a sense of remembrance and personal legacy facilitated that they acted in accord with the highest of honourable virtues and for the common good of their race. This is an ideal that has slowly subsided in our minds since the past century and is in an ever diminishing trend. Instead, newer, more “progressive” and “liberal” ideas have replaced our more tribal feelings of belonging and identity. The results of these “experimental” mores and ideas have been profoundly detrimental to the core of our civilization. Reversal of these absolutely malevolent thoughts and returning to a tribal mindset is our imperative.

Nature has decreed that all peoples have their own interests and have the inherent right to assert these interests. They are also allotted their own territorial homelands. They have the right to pursue what they believe to be the most pertinent to the survivability of their kin and race. It means not being impeded or restricted by any external or foreign force and having the power to advance what they believe to be the most important. It means being able to be governed by a party that will ensure the prosperity, national health, general welfare and the purity of the people. More palpably, it means ridding our society of any degenerate influences in the nation’s expressive forms of music, art, theatre, news media and television, of exploitation by any foreign forces hostile to the health and moral foundation of the people, securing our borders, repatriating any un-belonging ones, reducing crime, encouraging creative output via governmental incentive and by guaranteeing a future existence for the nation’s progeny. What is happening in today’s multicultural world allows for all of these tenets to be exercised by all ethnic groups except for one exception: White Europeans.

Since the end of the Second World War, drastic changes in societal structure and function have occurred that have had unmitigated and dire affects on the general health and fundamental stability of our societies. The Jews have made it their entire biological purpose to destroy us White Europeans for centuries. They have installed themselves in leading positions, if not in totality, in all of our countries’ most influential institutions. This includes our government, banks, corporations, businesses, media outlets, educational centers and nearly every other possible source of power that is necessary for a functional nation. The agenda of the enemy is predictable and has proven to be unalterable. The results themselves have always been indisputable. History has recorded these results and is willing to offer them to us. Certain code words are established that are designed to immediately stifle opposition and criticism. Learn to identify them and what their purpose is. Why is it that we, Europeans, are the only ones who have to accept the efforts of those to radically change our way of life and that we must do so willingly?

There are people like you who do care. Consider me to be one of them. For the people like us, we know that we have a purpose in life and that it is our fundamental goal to see it fulfilled. We hold a sense of responsibility, of duty, of rigidness, of vigor, of discipline, of determination, of brotherhood, of comradeship, of chivalry and of noble conduct. These are the guiding virtues that have been molded into a confluence of expected behavior for our kind and has converged into a larger concept that is apparent in the inborn soul of each European. How many people do you think there are around you who also care but you don’t know it? What about your friends, neighbors, co-workers, schoolmates or teachers? The enemy wants you to think that we are small in numbers and will not resist their efforts to destroy everything we hold dear, including ourselves. We can retaliate against their genocidal campaign and we will have to impel ourselves to do it sooner or later. The longer we wait, the less of a chance we will have for survival. Taking any chance will be worth the results compared to of not acting at all. This is the most important thing in our lives. Our race and our people. Nothing is more important. Nothing should take precedent before your own kin who raised you, nurtured you, fed you, took care of you and made you a member of our glorious race, the European race! Be proud of your people and your heritage! Think back upon all of your ancestors, both the men and women, whether they were kings or peasants, members of the middle-class or working class, white-collar or blue-collar, politicians or citizens, soldiers or civilians, knights, warriors, shoemakers, bakers, weavers, smiths or any other occupation, it shall not matter. What matters is that we employ all of our resources to the fullest in order ensure that the efforts and toils of the ones who made us were not in vain. Only in doing so can we preserve the existence of our species and begin to redirect our energies to the upward motion of its resplendent and fruitful path. What we have received from those before us shall be used to enhance, strengthen and fortify the coming generations of our people. Everyone must do their part for the survivability of what we hold most dearly. A basic understanding of these aforementioned principles is critical to our proportion of success. We have a duty to uphold these as virtue. Dissent will be denounced, ostracized and ruthlessly culled out by the eternal forces of justice and retribution. Those who do so will fade from the rippled pages of history. Those who fulfill these timeless principles will be embedded into the pages of history and bestowed with the greatest legacy of all. Embrace this fate and be thankful for having lived in this particular chapter of history.

We can start by spreading our own positive propaganda. Promote sites like these and vocally express yourself. Speak out against what is happening to our people without restraint. Do not allow the names of our forebearers to be defamed. Simply laying about and idly hoping something will change the present geopolitical climate of multiculturalism, massive immigration, political pandering, special interests, crime, drug-abuse, debt, corruption and total insanity will not happen. Pretending that our current problems and misfortunes do not exist will only deepen our sorrows. We must become involved. It will only happen from you and by spreading this information to those who are closest to you and who care. Start with your family members and friends and then expand outwards. Start here, and then the masses will come along with.