Hair sleek and shimmering

Inked silk swooped


Blue eyes blaring in the Sun

Tantalizing, encapsulating

Invigorating, inspiring

Compassionate, revered

A sharp point of the finger

Revealing the scheming enemy in the midst

A violent swing of the arm

Barking and roaring to the heavens

Visceral rage tormenting the skies

Shattering the lies

The truth unchained and reigning free

The voice of a nation rising

Ascending in magnificent glory

Essence that still walks among us


“The old, rotten edifice,
with its weak pillars of lies,
will give way,
and make way for the New.”



Come, Come
Into the woods let thee go
Where tender shoots
And succulent roots grow
Singing girls and women prancing
Flowers and buds
In the hair golden
And in the womb grow
Return to the earth
With blissful joy
From whence thee have come
And give it back one day
Tomorrow under the newborn Sun



Leaves fall silently onto the soil
A lone seedling floats through the air
Looking for it’s home
The wisps of the grass beckon softly
Maple ascends far into the sky
Covering the earth in a blithe shade
Sleep the life bearer has finally found