Presumed Prerogative & Destined Fulfillment

What is the most important thing in your life? Is it wealth? Is it popularity? Is it fashion? Is it a hobby? Is it personal security? For many people these are leading factors in their lives that shape how they act and what they believe in. These are the most important for quite a few also. It also forms an integral part in why they are motivated. Of course, some of these things are very important for a life of happiness and comfort. We would all like to be seen well by others and have a reputable image. We would all like to spend time doing the things we are impassioned about. We desire to be in the company of others who think alike, behave the same, agree with us and otherwise are of a similar disposition like us. Consequently though, these singular entities in our lives can preoccupy us and distract us from more worthwhile pursuits. This is a peculiar relationship that I would deem a majority of the populace doesn’t establish themselves well with. Some people only live to gain as much wealth as possible and to increase the amount of money in their bank accounts. Some live to meet as many people as possible but are left without having any notable or significant people in their lives and only do so for superficial reasons. There are also people, like me, who care about other more immediate and more important things in their lives. These are the people who view the world in a much broader context and look at themselves as only a small piece of the entire figure. This will be bemoaned by many who view such thoughts as too abstract but it is in fact an important aspect to consider. Those around us who we love, care for and wish to protect depend on this very ideal: our duty to our race.

The entirety of this figure is something that our ancestors had a much greater grasp of and were not impartial to their duties to their people and nation. Because of their lifestyle and their environment they had to live this way. They lived in tribes and the tribe itself depended on the contributions of each individual member working towards the collective good for it’s perpetuation and livelihood. There was a cohesion between tribal interests and personal interests, notably so in that the individual understood the necessity of subordinating himself to the tribe; else face deadly ramifications. Each individual member understood his function and carried it out effectively. Without the work of the individual there was to be no survival. Further advancing this idea, we can establish that without the individual there would be no whole. This applies just as relevantly today as it did eons ago.

There was no revolt or dissent. It was well understood that the continuity of the tribe depended on this premise. The inevitability of death and a yearning for a sense of remembrance and personal legacy facilitated that they acted in accord with the highest of honourable virtues and for the common good of their race. This is an ideal that has slowly subsided in our minds since the past century and is in an ever diminishing trend. Instead, newer, more “progressive” and “liberal” ideas have replaced our more tribal feelings of belonging and identity. The results of these “experimental” mores and ideas have been profoundly detrimental to the core of our civilization. Reversal of these absolutely malevolent thoughts and returning to a tribal mindset is our imperative.

Nature has decreed that all peoples have their own interests and have the inherent right to assert these interests. They are also allotted their own territorial homelands. They have the right to pursue what they believe to be the most pertinent to the survivability of their kin and race. It means not being impeded or restricted by any external or foreign force and having the power to advance what they believe to be the most important. It means being able to be governed by a party that will ensure the prosperity, national health, general welfare and the purity of the people. More palpably, it means ridding our society of any degenerate influences in the nation’s expressive forms of music, art, theatre, news media and television, of exploitation by any foreign forces hostile to the health and moral foundation of the people, securing our borders, repatriating any un-belonging ones, reducing crime, encouraging creative output via governmental incentive and by guaranteeing a future existence for the nation’s progeny. What is happening in today’s multicultural world allows for all of these tenets to be exercised by all ethnic groups except for one exception: White Europeans.

Since the end of the Second World War, drastic changes in societal structure and function have occurred that have had unmitigated and dire affects on the general health and fundamental stability of our societies. The Jews have made it their entire biological purpose to destroy us White Europeans for centuries. They have installed themselves in leading positions, if not in totality, in all of our countries’ most influential institutions. This includes our government, banks, corporations, businesses, media outlets, educational centers and nearly every other possible source of power that is necessary for a functional nation. The agenda of the enemy is predictable and has proven to be unalterable. The results themselves have always been indisputable. History has recorded these results and is willing to offer them to us. Certain code words are established that are designed to immediately stifle opposition and criticism. Learn to identify them and what their purpose is. Why is it that we, Europeans, are the only ones who have to accept the efforts of those to radically change our way of life and that we must do so willingly?

There are people like you who do care. Consider me to be one of them. For the people like us, we know that we have a purpose in life and that it is our fundamental goal to see it fulfilled. We hold a sense of responsibility, of duty, of rigidness, of vigor, of discipline, of determination, of brotherhood, of comradeship, of chivalry and of noble conduct. These are the guiding virtues that have been molded into a confluence of expected behavior for our kind and has converged into a larger concept that is apparent in the inborn soul of each European. How many people do you think there are around you who also care but you don’t know it? What about your friends, neighbors, co-workers, schoolmates or teachers? The enemy wants you to think that we are small in numbers and will not resist their efforts to destroy everything we hold dear, including ourselves. We can retaliate against their genocidal campaign and we will have to impel ourselves to do it sooner or later. The longer we wait, the less of a chance we will have for survival. Taking any chance will be worth the results compared to of not acting at all. This is the most important thing in our lives. Our race and our people. Nothing is more important. Nothing should take precedent before your own kin who raised you, nurtured you, fed you, took care of you and made you a member of our glorious race, the European race! Be proud of your people and your heritage! Think back upon all of your ancestors, both the men and women, whether they were kings or peasants, members of the middle-class or working class, white-collar or blue-collar, politicians or citizens, soldiers or civilians, knights, warriors, shoemakers, bakers, weavers, smiths or any other occupation, it shall not matter. What matters is that we employ all of our resources to the fullest in order ensure that the efforts and toils of the ones who made us were not in vain. Only in doing so can we preserve the existence of our species and begin to redirect our energies to the upward motion of its resplendent and fruitful path. What we have received from those before us shall be used to enhance, strengthen and fortify the coming generations of our people. Everyone must do their part for the survivability of what we hold most dearly. A basic understanding of these aforementioned principles is critical to our proportion of success. We have a duty to uphold these as virtue. Dissent will be denounced, ostracized and ruthlessly culled out by the eternal forces of justice and retribution. Those who do so will fade from the rippled pages of history. Those who fulfill these timeless principles will be embedded into the pages of history and bestowed with the greatest legacy of all. Embrace this fate and be thankful for having lived in this particular chapter of history.

We can start by spreading our own positive propaganda. Promote sites like these and vocally express yourself. Speak out against what is happening to our people without restraint. Do not allow the names of our forebearers to be defamed. Simply laying about and idly hoping something will change the present geopolitical climate of multiculturalism, massive immigration, political pandering, special interests, crime, drug-abuse, debt, corruption and total insanity will not happen. Pretending that our current problems and misfortunes do not exist will only deepen our sorrows. We must become involved. It will only happen from you and by spreading this information to those who are closest to you and who care. Start with your family members and friends and then expand outwards. Start here, and then the masses will come along with.


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