Never Forget. Never give up fighting.

Hail the Slavic peoples and all of Europe!


5 comments on “Rusland

  1. Rusland, led by the Jew loving Putin, is in as sad a position as anyone out there. They do need our support and a lot of strenght to fight back. Hail Evropa!

    • mmartel says:

      Rusland will always make it out and become stronger than ever. This is simply seen through history and time. I feel the blood of my people. They are fighters to the ultimate death. Even in death, their genetics are strong enough to fight on. I have more faith in the Russian blood to conquer negativity and soul exile than any. All my love for Russia, my land!

      Thank you for posting William!

      • mmartel says:

        Are you of any Russian blood?

      • I agree. What’s your stance on Ukrainians then? I wrote a post about them recently, and during my research I’ve found out things that made me quite anxious about Russia’s approach towards Ukraine. But you’re right – in fact there was a study in Europe asking people whether they would fight willingly if their homeland was in danger – Russians scored the highest, with more than thrice the people declaring they would than the average of the rest countries. I salute them all for their unquestionable bravery and honor.

      • William K. says:

        I think all of the Slavic peoples always have had a certain “hardiness” in their blood that have made them such a formidable and strong people. This is, what I think, why the Eastern European peoples were the last peoples to be converted (even though the Lithuanians are technically “Baltic”). After having two entire generations wiped away from two genocidal wars against Europeans by the Jews the Russians are still some of the strongest, toughest and incorrigible people in Europe, even after being demoralized, ravaged and depleted by alcohol abuse, family abuse, gulags, torture and mass murders. This is not to demean any other European country in any way though. It is unfortunate that they did not disown Bolshevism after the death of “Uncle Joe.” The bandit state in the desert could have been nipped in the bud if Russia had taken an aggressive position then.

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