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Whenever I go into the woods or nearby forests I am filled with a sense of tranquility and conversely also with a feeling of grief. I am saddened to know that the world we inhabit is merely a shell of it’s former self. I am saddened at the thought of how sparse the woodlands are compared to what they once were. Even when I was younger I can remember the size of the forests being much larger and dominating the region. There were berries, magical herbs, roots and vivid leaves in abundance. I was not the only one who felt the power of these massive groves. There were also chirping birds, deer, rabbits, squirrels and many other animals who could also feel this peculiar sanctity all around them. As I grew, the forests did the opposite, with the greedy bankers and capitalists chopping down more and more of the ever dwindling sacred groves. Today the forests are only small and isolated pockets of their former enormity. Their extent across the land has been severed and have been left to lie dormantly in their own soil. No more will I experience the same feelings that arose when wandering through them in the autumnal fog or walking under their shade down by the river. It will atleast never be under those same giants that upheld the sky. Only a few vestiges of these colossal giants remain dotted across the landscapes; with industrial farms, smoke stacks, shopping malls, convenient stores and parking lots filling the void left in between them and the gap left in our hearts.

How many trees have been chopped down carelessly and left to rot as a mark of the “civilized” man’s callous indifference to nature? How many desolate fields denuded of any growth or any signs of life have they been replaced with? How many generations will be deprived of the feelings evoked when surrounded by the spiritual essence of the forest or when strolling under it’s coolness on a hot summer day? Before man’s ignorance and lust for greed came the landscapes of Europe were covered with trees as far as the eye could see. Aspen, birch, oak, elm, ash, willow, pine, spruce and countless other breeds were to be found in abundance. They all emitted their own particular scents. They all had their own type of leaf, bark and protective spirit. Particular animals were associated with all of them and had their own deeper meaning.

As the populations grew and more settled communities began to appear, more and more of the forests were chopped down for building supplies and timber and for other purposes such as firewood. For what has become of man when he has confined himself within the foreboding walls of concrete and steel and has in turn erected similar boundaries at the edge of his natural habitat? Why has he built these fences, walls and fortresses around himself? Where does this insecurity stem from? Is it him trying to keep something out? Or is it as a protective barrier against those forces of nature that he has disrupted? Today man cannot even venture into nature without hearing the aurora and raucous noises of modern technology. It does not matter where you go, whether it is your own backyard, a nearby forest or even a protected park. There is always the chance that the experience will be ruined from the death-like noises of a lawnmower, leafblower, car, motorcycle, distant highways, man made dams or airplanes flying overhead and leaving ominous streaks across the sky. The purity is always dispelled immediately and always arouses bitterness in my soul (mind).

What has happened to the world where the growth of centuries old trees are cut down mercilessly and left to rot under the vile structures of “progress?” What has possessed man to commit such acts of heresy against Mother Nature’s bounty? What has happened to the people when they do not care about the chopping down of these ancient trees that their forebears had wandered under and received sustenance from for thousands of years, all in the name of profit and residential expansion? What is to become of the natural habitat of the duck, bird, elk, deer, bear, rabbit, squirrel and wolf where bridges are built over their rivers, their shelters burrowed under and destroyed and power lines cross their skies? How has nature been reduced to a vestigial state? How is it that our forebears lived in harmony with her but have failed to pass on the same knowledge to us? Where did our ancient biological impulses go? What has made us so crudely reject the earth as our mother goddess? How many times can one gaze sadly at the same river, forest or mountain and listen to the peaceful flow of a river or the singing of the birds and know that it’s natural course is not in apposition with it’s natural environment that we have now desecrated?

This destruction does not only apply to the forest and groves but to everything else in our beautiful world. When we feel the caress of the soft winds, hear the trickle of gentle streams, look across deep and endless blue lakes and succulent green meadows, gaze up in awe at the tallest of green trees, see the burst of flower seeds in a voluminous sea of opulent colors, look at the tallest of gleaming ice coated mountains, hear the harmonious birds sing, see the autumn leaves fall and gaze in stupefaction at the last escaping rays of the sunset we are seeing nature as it has always been and learn why our ancestors never changed anything for thousands of years.

When will we realize where our true gold resides?



Tree Filled Rays of Sunlight

Reflective music if you wish:


6 comments on “Sanctity

  1. Melody Martel says:

    Any person who takes the time to know me will in turn see that many things are opposites. I am a walking contradiction to everything most people can conceive of. My tastes can be so far reaching , most don’t know what to think or even how to get their head around a little bit of that. Zeroing in on something like music…one may be like “How can she like this and then like that.” I generally don’t entertain these conversations because to be quite honest they don’t tend to get anywhere and leave most retreating back into their little shells of comfort. The whole point I’m trying to make though…because it would be dull to speak about me(and I feel uncomfortable doing so). The whole point I’m trying to get at, is that when I walk into places like you describe…I get those same feelings. On, the flipside…I can’t tolerate being around certain environments with large amounts of people. It is such a frenzy…a frenzy of toxic emotions and people. I tend to be hypersensitive to feeling( people and their emotion) and that’s how I know ultimately I have to be closer to nature. In fact…this doesn’t just extend to me. I think many human beings or inundated by emotions they cannot comprehend. The negativity surrounding them is affecting them more then they know. Conversely…they feel uncomfortable in nature because they cannot comprehend the opposite of that negativity. It feels so foreign to them. They have built these “small caves” of comfort that they believe bring them peace (such as favorite TV shows, best friends, nice clothes, music(not varied), etc.) but what they are really doing is just compounding the problem as they create artificial worlds to compensate for the real one. As we have had a discussion before…most people in society cannot handle innocence in the most primal sense. Nature is likened to this innocence, they get rid of it because intrinsically…they believe they are building a “comfort bubble”. When in fact they are doing the opposite…creating an alternate reality farther from the real one. Farther from nature, farther from their true selves. Getting back to the point of why I brought up the music and myself. My tastes are so varied, because that is how it is in nature. Truth doesn’t always present itself in one form. The same can be said for beauty. Just as in nature…beauty comes in all kinds of forms (plants, animals, insects, etc.). Many people, even in the pagan world, or even many that have retreated to the countryside…still fail to grasp that all is varied, nothing is uniform in nature. The believe they have escaped these “comfort bubbles” but the reality is that they have just created them in another form. I believe that what a lot of people fail to realize, is that no matter what you believe you have changed about yourself and your environment…there is a flipside. Your mind is one of the most important tools to change your perception of the environment and to get back to the true nature of innocence. Your surroundings will only temporarily change your background, but you may be left with some of the deep remnants of the modern poison that will still run through our veins(in our blood). This is my opinion as to why people keep destroying and also why others who try to change may also be kidding themselves. Its a complicated issue that is running through our veins. It is not just a change in the way we do things…it is also a permanent change in the way we think. That is hard…the world is full of background changes, but it is only when you place yourself so far outside this realm…you begin to see the real picture. Stepping outside of the “comfort bubble” long enough to even perceive that there is an alternate way of thinking. Its not as simple as the Odalist (or other of the like) communities may have you believe. Moving out to the country, growing your own food, having lots of kids, etc. Its so much more complicated than that. Why do you think then that this problem has persisted over time and many different eons of people who have lived differently? Its not just about returning to nature…that is just a change in background. It has to begin intrinsically to enact a permanent change in the mind. Then, perhaps the body will follow(biologically adapting). Just my opinion and perhaps something to reflect on…

  2. I could not express how much I agree with you and how I feel the same. Mother Nature has been clubbed into submission in so many areas. In fact, it is extremely hard to find a place untoched by man in Europe. Plant as many trees as you can, everywhere they stand a chance to survive – my parents tought me this many years ago and I continue to do so now, when the need is bigger than ever before.

    • William K. says:

      Very true. I hope to plant many trees in the future. May they sprout and grow high as the seeds for our future generations.

      Living in a small encampment or cabin in the woods would be an ideal future I think. Even on a temporary basis would give a greater experience than living a decaying life in the cities.

      • Yes, and as tempting as that is a small cabin could not hold a family bigger than 2 people. Therefore perhaps thinking of it as a step towards something more sustainable would be appropriate – like a field-stone house, for example. And truly, escaping the so called “civilised” areas is crucial.

      • William K. says:

        A small shack in the woods would only serve as a a temporary basis or as another small property to retreat to I think. A few books, some tools and a fire pit would be ideal I think. Aside from a smaller prospective property, a larger one would be needed in the future if it were to sustain any more than one or two people.

      • Certainly. We mean the same 🙂

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