Living Simply

Living a simple life is rare to find or even accomplish on our own these days. Unfortunately to many this is an anachronistic and unknown way of life. Living a life of luxury or materialistic consumer pleasure is an abundant theme in todays world. Many people will go to college solely for the purpose of attaining this very idea of a materialistic life. Where happiness comes from how much you buy, not from yourself. Where consuming and entertaining is the meaning of life. Sports cars, mansions, hot tubs, swimming pools, beachfront property, celebrities and watching their favorite sports teams: it is the meaning of life to many.

A crucial part of being a good European, I believe, is to live simply and frugally. Living within our means. I do not care for living a life of luxury or self-indulgence. Neither should you. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or narcotics, masturbate, view porn, use lotion, swear, drink to excess, eat to excess, buy unnecessary amounts of clothes or any other material item. I do not do this because I believe I am better than all of these things or have a large ego, but because I have no use for them and do not care for them.

A couple of generations ago self-sufficiency and simple living was the default way of life. Our ancestors lived on farms, owned animals and grew their own food and provided what they needed for their families. Families were much larger and were a cohesive unit without disfunction or disarray. The daughters could be confident in finding a strong man to support her and the men were not cowards. Men did not abandon their families. Women did not dress provocatively or want to do the work of men. Tradition and proper gender roles were definite and sacred.

We do not need anything complex or elaborate to do this. We do not need electronics or expensive technology to accomplish this either. We certainly do not need anything that was created solely as a means for self-satisfaction and for nothing else. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where we are living to accumulate as many goods and possessions as possible and for nothing else. It is an abysmal perspective of life. It is best to leave those who cannot part from this lifestyle to their fate. The path of least resistance is the one that is always taken. Those who chose this path should be left to their fate and no tears should be shed for them.

Today it is nearly impossible to escape from the clutches of the rotten system. Buying a decent plot of land is not affordable to many. Even if you can, you often have to do it through the Jew owned banking system or take out a loan and then work the rest of your life as a futile slave to make it all back. Is that a life worth living?

Our governments are poisoning us with our food, water, medicine and vaccines. Our grocery stores are filled with hundreds of products with chemical additives and preservatives. Our children are circumcised at birth, injected with mercury and then sent off to the indoctrination centers. We fight foreign wars to expand the territory of the Zionists and international Jewish bankers. We are told that the only way to find success in life is through universities and servitude to the very system that wants to destroy all that we live for and all that our ancestors lived for. Working for the ones who want to eradicate our existence. Completely. So what is the solution to this?

We must retreat from the system and buy our own plots of land if we can. Or rent them. Yes, to most this means we must participate in the system to escape it. This is a small concession compared to what we will gain for ourselves by doing so. Unfortunately, a tremendous majority do not possess the skills we need because they were not born on a farm or in a rural environment that requires self-reliance and dedication to the land and to the work.

Our ancestors fixed their own problems and were skilled in many areas. We need to re-learn all of these skills such as gardening, metalworking, woodworking, milling, shoemaking, knitting, sewing, fishing, firemaking, chopping wood, spinning clothing, butchering, raising animals and breeding them or anything else survivalism/mechanical related. We need butchers, fishermen, spinsters, seamstresses, scribes, weavers, basketmakers, fletchers, carvers, blacksmiths, cooks, bakers, candlemakers, dyers and every other tradesmen that is needed in a small community. More lawyers, bankers, politicians and money lenders will do us no good!

Buy as many mechanical tools as possible. Keep them stored away safely and know how to use each one. Don’t buy electrical power-tools! Buy up do-it-yourself books while you can and read through them. Learn how to identify certain plants or the anatomy of small game animals so you know how to butcher them when you have to. Print out helpful internet articles or instructions while you still can.

Hopefully those of us like me will be able to find a beautiful wife or husband one day and live a peaceful life together. We must have many children to repopulate our kind and raise them at home with the mothers while the fathers are in the fields or at work. We would homeschool our children and teach them all we know about life without any of the corruption of the Judeo-Bolshevik-Marxist-Christian education systems. No longer would our children be indoctrinated into a mindset of hatred, fear, guilt or apathy. We would be able to give our flowers the sunlight, soil and water they needed. When the boys are of age the father can teach them his trade or have them apprentice in some other form of skilled labor. The girls would be taught all of the essentials becoming for motherhood and housekeeping such as sewing, cooking, washing and caring for children. At night we would be able to be with our families or friends in the neighboring (rural) communities. We would have bonfires, tell stories and myths, play games, play music, sing Pagan songs and gaze up at the same stars that our forebears looked upon. There would be none of the harsh noises from the cities, highways or rumblings of engines. No toxic pollutants or gases would be in the air or stain the skies.

More and more people are awakening everyday and seeing the effulgence of the live-giving light. We are starting to discern the old trodden over footprints in the grass and the golden tablets long lost. We are searching for that lost well that was the giver of wisdom. We will return to simplicity one day I believe and will be watering our fields from the well. This is how we used to live. It is how we can live one day also.


5 comments on “Living Simply

  1. Hauer says:

    The allure of technology and modern thought is that they appear you to live more simply. In truth, they are often offer the opposite. It might seem like the path of least resistance to grow crops with a cocktail of pesticides. You do not have to tend to the field as often and harvest will yield more. However, you’ll actually end up with poison instead of real food.

    As the old saying goes, the devil is always in the details.

    • William K. says:

      Modernity has made us believe that what is the easiest and less demanding of us is the most simple. What is not realized however is that you are often left with an inferior product, or in this case, poisoned food. Real quality does not often convey it through its appearance until it is actually experienced or put to use. If a man is not willing to have a healthy relationship with the land that sustains him, then the land should treat the owner in no different of a way.

      Simplicity will always yield the highest quality. Modernity only offers deception and confusion.

      • mmartel says:

        Hey William,

        I’m glad to see some “fire under your belly” in your writing as of late. I know in a previous post you mentioned that you can be quite shy at times. I understand this from a different perspective as I am the same, but have built up an alternate reality of myself to “survive” in this cruel world. So much negativity and selfishness. So many lies and missteps. It would be completely unrealistic and not even logical in todays society to not feed into this cycle somehow. We try to the best of our ability to keep it simple, but unless you live out in the middle of no where around no one…this is not even a close reality. In fact, for most people I don’t think even that would work as I think they have false views of that actual reality. In fact, if one can be honest…they must learn how to thrive with what they have. Where they are at, in that point in their lives. Its so easy to get caught up in the “ideals” of how great something “could be” versus the reality we are actually presented with. I struggle with this myself as I was raised in a very different way in the latter years of my childhood. At first I was raised in an ultra-ultra conservative Christian childhood where to be quite honest…besides the Christian aspect wasn’t all that bad. I was homeschooled until the age of 9. I was raised then with morals and to reject “the system”. I was raised to eat the most healthy way and how to find connection to nature and the land. Really, take away the Christianity and it may have been close to perfect. I was raised in a household from the age of about 11 on, where materialism was king and anything connected to the soul was wrong. I was always different from my immediate family from the time I was conscious. This has never changed. I always questioned everything and never accepted most arguments given to me, no matter from who it was. This is particularly why I never accepted Christianity or even believed in anything close to it. The church and all that made me feel really uncomfortable. That was my intuition telling me it was wrong. I feel as if I have always found my way due to this intuition. It has been years and years of really,really hard work and a LOT of missteps leading me here to where I am today. I believe people sometimes underestimate how what is immediately around us, effects us to a very large degree. Too many idealists not enough realization that it takes really, really hard work to achieve anything and continue on that path. There is nothing more that I want nowadays then simplicity and to truly follow the “old ways” closer to nature and closer to real living. Though at times I honestly misstep , I am constantly challenging myself to be better. Challenging who I am and what I think…what I am “believing” to be “reality”. I feel that this is very hard when you follow it alone, especially if you don’t have any immediate support around you. I have also found great inner strength, courage and perseverance that I have not see in others. Of that in the very least I realize. Yet I still question that at times. Your greatest strengths at times can actually be your ultimate weaknesses. Anyhow…even in this great European community one must still question themselves and their ways, their “realities”. That connection from where we came(we grew up), the modern world around us and all the immediate environments affect us. We must not discount that. It is key to understanding how to “break free” or find a better way to live.

        Anyhow, just happy to see a little bit of your “fire” is back…or perhaps just more present. I enjoy your thoughts and writing. Keep up the great work, its appreciated 🙂


      • William K. says:

        Those who suffer in one ability often will greatly exceed in others. For me, writing makes up for this social shyness. I am glad you have decided to express yourself in a similar way.

        I agree that the ideals of such a lifestyle can be unrealistic or even obscure to some. True, what is the most ideal is not always the most realistic or even attainable from what we have at our disposal and workings within our means. This should not discourage us however. Sometimes we have to look up from all of the lies, falsehoods and gloomy murkiness and ask ourselves what is it that we are trying to achieve. We become so distracted and distressed by the details that we can easily forget about our purpose. If in such a case that we forget what our original intentions were, we have to realign our sights and reestablish what the ultimate endgoal is. We must not give up or relinquish all of our efforts. We still must try to learn what we can, even if we never see our aspirations fulfilled. If this is the case, further work can be continued by future generations. We must then ensure our children have the proper moral foundation to continue such endeavors. I fully realize that some of what I wrote is not possible, and even irrational to some, given the amount of “progress” that we live with. Such people are so absorbed and enraptured with modernity that they will never be able to adapt to sudden changes and misfortune when they come. You are absolutely correct when stating that we have to thrive with what we have. I have made good use with what I have and dedicate much of my time to studying. With this in mind, I think this post was written as a mental refuge to those like me who still have their sights on a more healthy future. They are words to take solace in when having to endure the burden of trudging through so much filth and illusions created by the enemy.

        I was raised in a similar way. While I wasn’t raised ultra-conservative, I developed enough moral sense to not be affected by the school system or the decay of society. Materialism was abundant in my household and I resented it greatly. I resented the Church even more. It was ominous and cold and exuded a sense of sinister malevolence and fear inducement. I rejected it and was left with a void until finding this overgrown path. Like you, hard work and a few missteps was what brought me here. It is something to learn from and a way to root out all of the weeds so to speak.

        After much observation and reading through Varg’s blog for over a year now, I am surprised at how many people will describe the same innate intuitions you describe and how they felt them since childhood. I felt this same way myself with feelings of nostalgia, knowing what was right and wrong, and feeling a greater relationship with nature. While yes, genetics and environment play a very large role in these distinct drives, I have come to believe that these same feelings all stem from within ourselves and our blood. This is a very powerful realization and proves just how immense the strength of the European spirit is.

        I am glad you appreciate my “fire” and deeply appreciate your support. It means a lot to me. Men of few words need even fewer to find comfort. The fiery coals of the European spirit within us all may be only smoldering, but it only takes a few twigs and a gust of wind to rekindle it.

        Thank you for your personal insight and your support.


  2. Melody Martel says:

    ” Men of few words need even fewer to find comfort”.

    Men as this is a rarity nowadays. Too often have I experienced in my life many words that mean nothing at all. The man who puts into action not speaks, is what speaks to me. The ultimate beauty to me is in truth and where I find most comfort. Unfortunately, this man is so rare. In fact, in my small life…I have met but a few if that(no just man, but “men” as in people in general). Sometimes the pessimistic side of me, gets the best of me and I can doubt too much. Don’t get me wrong, I think doubt is really a good thing and constantly leads to one of the most important questions, “why”. But, I must also readily admit that at times I struggle in the doubt. I have experienced too much “life” not to. Hope has never evaded me for long, but I find comfort in staying grounded and in reality. That reality, can be quite gloomy at times. Especially when experienced alone. However, I have also found my greatest strength there…in that same isolated path. I have found my truest comfort in a place where most people do not reside. Even in the commonest sense…my distractions, likes and interests have always fallen in the sphere far from others. In that…I’ve found it hard to even relate to anyone. Hopefully one day I shall find someone who sees that, understands it and appreciates it for what it is. In the meantime, I do what has always been my existence…to improve upon the “thought of which is me”. To challenge all that I am and what I believe. In that sense, I find no better existence and this helps keep my hopes and dreams alive. Hopefully you find something in a similar sense to keep your hopes and dreams alive. Everyone needs their something even if they lack that someone. Everyone needs that “touch” of humanity and caring to exist…to keep their hope alive.

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