Apology and the Coming Spring

In my years in the education system and in social situations I have always been observed as quite, reserved and reticent among other descriptions. These types of words are most commonly used to describe people of my disposition in society and those who have similar thoughts. Since then I have met other people of similar nature and have learned much on this ancient path of wisdom. Many of us perhaps were bookworms who loved absorbing knowledge and escaping into wonderful fantasy worlds. Our common goals are the same. We do not care at all for the “fruits” of modern civilization such as modern technology and electronics, modern culture, modern politics, mass media, consumerism, fashion, clothing, multiculturalism, prescription drugs, vaccinations et cetera, et cetera. We have lived lonely lives and have had difficulties finding others with similar beliefs. Among the things that we take comfort in, none of them come from modernity. For not participating in a culture that values dishonour and squalor we have been condemned and ostracized by our enemies. To not give in to “peer pressure” we have been perceived as being eccentric and have been shunned. We only care for our own culture and peoples. We only care for our own customs and traditions. We only want to preserve our own languages, our own literature, our own symbols, our own political system, our own leaders, our own religious practices, our own myths, our own music, our own forests, our own rivers, our own mountains, our own meadows and most importantly, our beautiful Mother Earth. We only want to keep it this way and to preserve a beautiful word for our future children. Our future.

I have never desired to be a participant in a culture of moral decay and self-depreciation. I do not understand how anyone can deliberately want to live this way. It is an animalistic lifestyle that reduces man to impulsive behavior and his most egregious instincts. Many will zealously embrace this type of lifestyle and will see no consequences for their actions; nor will they care for how they will be judged by future generations. I find such a view of life to be abject and only hold disdain for it.

I have only cared for Mother Nature. I have only cared about beauty. I have only wanted beauty. I have only wanted peace and harmony. I have only wanted to live for the good and positive. I have only wanted to live a traditional life. I have only wanted morality. I have only cared for those who are courageous, brave and prideful. I have only cared for diligence, self-confidence and determination. I have only cared for honour, self-discipline and responsibility.

I have never cared for nihilism. I have never cared for sorrow or hate. I have never cared for lust or greed. I have never cared for misanthropy. I have never cared for atheism or apathy. I have never cared for the lazy or ignorant. I have never cared for indulging and self-pleasure. I have never cared for multiculturalism. I have never cared for “tolerance” or “diversity.” I have never cared for homosexuality. I have never cared for cosmopolitanism. I have never cared for feminism. I have never cared for socialism. I have never cared for capitalism. I have never cared for Marxism. I have never cared for Communism. More importantly, I have never worked for the enemy.

There are those who only care for the worst of these two groups and those who care for the best and the positive. For those who care about the good in man and want to cultivate it, they have a life of worthiness and meaning. For those who have fallen into the abyss and don’t try to fight their way out, they should be left that way. Let them succumb to their fate. Those who deny the beauty of life and nature are therefore not worthy of possessing it. Let those of us who have it rejoice and be grateful for all that Mother Earth has provided us. From our most basic observations of nature we can learn that everything is reborn after it dies. When leaves fall they will grow back, when rivers dry rain will fill them back up, when grass dies in the winter it will grow back in the spring, when animals die they will be given back to the earth and reborn again. Man is a part of nature also and is not to be excluded from its natural cyclical process. This is a cycle that is eternal and one of the most important concepts in our ancient European worldview. As indicated by Havamal, those who struggle are given a great gift in their lives! The opportunity to prove themselves! Those who live with honour will be reborn and will be remembered! If we live honourably and morally we will have nothing to worry about. We will have lived to ensure a better future for our children that we ourselves will benefit from one day. Those who do not will fade into oblivion and be forgotten forever. We are in the stage of winter right now and are slowing coming back into the light. Let us rejoice and hail the gods for the coming of the Pagan spring!


    The death of Socrates corresponded with the birth of all subsequent classical philosophy and our perception of Western ethics. What will become of us after we rise from our slumber in the Pagan winter?


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