The Well of Wisdom: Essential Readings for the European

Without a clear and abundant foundation of knowledge it is impossible for one to truly attain wisdom in this world devoid of intellectual stimuli and filled with historical distortions and lies. In my years of study and research I have come across many valuable books and sources from the internet and from browsing through libraries. Of the ones that were particularly useful and informative, I have saved copies onto my computer and have had little use for them aside from my personal readings. So, after much research, in contribution to our Ôðalist and European community, I would like to share these documents with you so that you may do some learning yourself and to help spread this knowledge to others who otherwise would never know. Hereby, I have provided what I believe to be a compilation of high quality documents and readings that address many crucial aspects and topics that should be in every Europeans’ interest.


5 comments on “The Well of Wisdom: Essential Readings for the European

  1. Flip says:

    I’m looking forward to reading what you have uploaded, thanks for that.
    Keep up the great work, I really enjoy your blog!

    Hails from Southern Germany!

  2. Melody Martel says:

    Thank you for taking your time to do that. Much appreciated 🙂

  3. julienboverman says:

    Most of these books are hard to get for me and now with 7 weeks of vacation ahead, i have plenty of time to read it . Thank you William!

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