Double Think: Collective Pride and Tolerance

It should be obvious to anyone who is a proud and conscious European what the effects of historical distortion via the education system and controlled media has done to our cultural image after many decades of mendacious Judeo-Christian lies. I can add that they also believe in a collective form of pride and celebration of a race’s achievements only when it is not pertaining to Europeans. Collective responsibility for us Europeans is only recognized for the negative, hate filled propaganda that is spewed in our school systems and media. We are not allowed to take pride in the accomplishments and achievements of our ancestors unless it is in a solely negative context such as slavery or colonization or for the transgressions of past injustices. Even with the negative affects that domestication and agriculture has brought to the European man through settled communities, the greatest achievements and advancements in art, music, theater, politics and other integral foundations of our nations can be primarily attributed to Europeans. This is not allowed to be recognized by the brainwashed masses however because of the controlled media and the agenda of the school systems.

Cultural and racial accolades are only attributed to non-European races, even when they have none to claim at all. No blame is ever laid on them or recognized. It is all shifted over to us, “the oppressors”, the Europeans. This same system of dual thinking or double-think, in Orwellian terms, can be applied to many other forms of speech today. We can observe this same phenomena in the cult of multiculturalism and tolerance that dominates our Western countries. The basis of tolerance is claimed to be about objectively perceiving other groups of people without a pre-conceived view or personal bias. This is not how the idea of tolerance is executed in practice though. Instead, anything that is seen as bigoted or shows an inclination towards a certain group or belief is labeled as “hateful” or “intolerant.” We see this practice in a plethora of forms. Traditional and moral beliefs such as monogamy, heterosexual marriage, defined gender roles, anti-abortion, anti-drugs, stories of princes and princesses and the code of chivalry are all labeled as “immoral”, “inconsiderate” and evil. What has been held for thousands of years has become inverted and portrayed as aberrant and not normal. Instead we see homosexual, immigration, gun-control and “hate-speech” propaganda being promoted as healthy and beneficial to society as a whole. The cultural Marxists will hysterically screech about intolerance, prejudice, bigotry and hatred while at the same time executing their scheming, malignant, genocidal, culture destroying contrivements in collusion with their lackies and their tribe of financial backers. What is claimed to be an objective idea becomes a subjective idea. In this case of tolerance, their own personal feelings and beliefs will influence how they perceive someone else. They falsely accuse us of the very thing that they themselves are perpetrating. The ones who claim to be tolerant are themselves intolerant of another group. It is a method of psychological warfare, with the end goal of destroying everything that we hold dear. So, fellow Europeans, please be intolerant and be proud of your ancestral achievements. By having this mindset we will be well armed against the subversive and corrosive influence of the real extremists.

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5 comments on “Double Think: Collective Pride and Tolerance

  1. Melody says:

    Yes, its such a funny word. Tolerance. Yet, the only tolerance is of “their” own opinion. Anything that goes to the contrary is immediately persecuted. I cant tell you how many times in my life I have tried to have civil conversations , but as soon as you point to something that is “traditional” it is immediately ostracized. I truly believe that there is an intolerance to ANYTHING with innocence. There is such discomfort at the thought of “purity” and “all that is good” that even children nowadays are being made to “grow up” faster than ever due to this intolerance. After all, there is nothing more pure and beautiful than a child. Its everywhere! It reminds me of a Dostoevsky book called “The Idiot”. The premise of the book is a “prince” who due to his “illness” has somewhat grown-up in the countryside in a foreign-land. He is very innocent(what modernists may call naïve) due to his isolation from most of society. He returns home to Russia on a sincere quest to reunite himself with some of his family. The book goes into further detail how all he comes in contact with perceive his innocence as his being “stupid” or “slow”. This to me is sort of a metaphor on society and its intolerance of things that are inherently good for them. They destroy that which is truly beautiful (nature). Its an interesting book. Anyhow. I like your new background by the way. Keep the good faith! There are still good people out there(no matter how few and far between). 🙂


    • William K. says:

      Thanks. I figured I would have a new layout with the coming of the spring and make it easier on the eyes.

      Having a civil conversation with one of the “unenlightened” is almost futile. I have tried many times to simply make them understand our worldview (not even to accept it) but they have always been in vain. I guess this is why I created this blog. We seem to be living in a generation that has a natural (or unnatural I should say) impulse to immediately reject everything that is culturally healthy and normal. It is similar to a tree rejecting the very roots that uphold it’s mighty trunk and wanting to have them ripped out. It is a dire state of perception to be in. And yet they will never know until it is too late.

      Yes, it is a shame what children have to go through today. It was bad enough when I was young, but I have nothing but empathy with today’s children for all of the lies and propaganda they are being bombarded with on a daily basis. We are systematically destroying their innocent beauty all for our own egotistical purposes.

      I have to admit I have never read that book. After reading a synopsis of it on Wikipedia I have to say that it looks immediately evocative of our situation today and I will be sure to read it. An innocent, meek, mild, honest, considerate and noble young man is sent away because of a supposed “illness”, similar to our school systems today, and returns to a completely different world of moral decay, vice and hatred that rejects him for everything he stands for. He struggles against this new social order of corruption and wealth in his pursuit of morality and truth and ultimately fails. His legacy is one of excoriation and condemnation by the masses but he lived knowing that he was upholding the truth.

      • Melody says:

        Indeed it is a very interesting read. I have read much Dostoevsky and found his ability to “write from the soul” pretty astounding. He was also anti-Semite as most true Russians are. I am of Russian heritage(and other European blood) so I think it also appeals to my inner senses and soul. I can strongly recall as a child, being drawn to certain things and also being repulsed by others. Now, as I am older I realize exactly why that was and just how strong my natural intuition is. This is such a powerful realization. I had always hated things of a “Jewish” nature but had always lacked the words to back it up. This and the struggle to exist in this blackened world made it very hard to come out “alive” if you know what I mean. But I think deep in my blood is something that cannot die. That, which in turn helps me keep my hope alive and my European spirit vigorous. I’ve been on this path for a long time and intend to stay that way until I am reborn and better than ever. Keeping the European dream alive. To me a lot of the answers to our questions are within nature and if you stay close to this, you cant help but be on the right track. I am so glad I found this community of like-minded people through places like Thulean Perspective and Varg and Marie’s efforts. However, I think ours is a hard and lonely path for a reason. Nature can be extremely harsh. Only the strong will survive!

        You are very welcome!


      • William K. says:

        Children are in the most innocent and pure form before they are corrupted by the school system. They have the greatest intuition of all in their youth and have more common sense than most adults do today. They instinctively know what is right and wrong and what is unhealthy. So, yes, I think you are correct in your thought.

        The Jews possess the distinct ability to be able to identify the weaknesses in our armor and to exploit it. This has had very grave and treacherous consequences for us and many will adamantly refuse to acknowledge this terrible weakness and even construe it as a benefit to us. Fortunately, what we possess on the contrary is a much more powerful weapon: the truth. As seen by the example of our little community, when wielded it is an extremely potent and immensely powerful weapon against our enemies and is attacked by all of their resources and lackies. This weapon of ours, however, is little known by many other confused and misguided Europeans. We just need to blow the dust off of it and wield in the gleaming glory of the Sun!

        Dostoevsky was certainly one who could speak from the heart. Just as it is natural for the Jew to spread lies and false pretenses, it is natural for us to only promote the truth. As such, the word “Anti-Semite” is one that can be firmly associated with a follower of the truth. Dostoevsky was living in a land that had been hated by them, so it was only natural that he was wise about their methods. We have woefully seen in the lives of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers what had happened to the truth speakers.

        Before I had found the music of Burzum I was stumbling in the dark and grasping feebly at the shadows of the truth. It wasn’t until I tripped over the writings of Mr. Grishnackh (so to speak) that I had discovered the ancient pathways of our forebears. I am grateful for having found people with such similar beliefs and making this journey a little less lonely. The most gnarled and secret pathways will naturally have the least footprints.


  2. Melody says:

    Perhaps, your true feelings were always there and just needed to be awakened. Burzum was that gateway? Yes… its very easy to stumble in this world, especially if you are a truly good human being and search for the truth. It’s a very lonely and hard path. It is by no coincidence I found Burzum and Burzum found me. It was always a part of me. Reading Varg’s words were like reawakening what I have always thought and more importantly felt. I find its hard at times to even put this into words. Burzum was but a signal horn to me that I was on the right path and needed to truly follow what’s inside of me. I grew up outside of Europe but my Grandmother (Russian, Czech) and Grandfather (Polish) were both Europeans. I can’t explain it, but I have always been extremely fascinated by Europe, its people and cultures and relate to them. When I went there for the first time, I truly felt at peace in my soul. It confirmed so many things for me. Whenever I have hard days, all I need is to “close my eyes” and imagine the European countryside and peace floods my soul. This alone and so many more things confirm to me of where I should go and be. I’ve always had a quite strong intuition but have in the past been clouded during some difficult times(after all we are not the gods but we can imitate them and then become them). what I am…a European in heart and mind. Its what is in my blood and I intend to carry it on in any way I can. I owe it to myself and my forbears. Its nice to be able to discuss great things like this with people who truly understand this.


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