The Hobbit & Modern Fantasy Movies

After seeing several times the cover-art of the new Hobbit movie in stores in the past couple of weeks, I have thought about what Tolkien himself would have wanted for his beloved series. I haven’t actually cared to the take the time to watch these new movies so I am basing this assessment from the original Lord of the Rings trilogy I watched years ago and assume them to be made for the same motives.

The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy were never meant to be made into films. They were written in a time completely foreign to this modern age and were meant to convoke in the reader creative thoughts and transcend them into a wonderful fantasy realm. These films are made to make money. As simple as that. More distasteful and subversive, the creators have given the role of Gandalf to a homosexual. J.R.R Tolkien would never have approved of his books to be treated in such a way, even if the movies did accurately convey their magic. The content and writing style of Tolkien’s books aren’t suitable at all for modern filming techniques and special effects. They were written based off of folklore, fairy-tales, European mythology and the spirit, soul and blood of the European man. They embody the longing we Europeans feel for the past. It is supposed to feel familiar to us, as if we were there ourselves. Ideally, it is supposed to inspire the reader to perform similarly honourable deeds that (some of) the characters do. They were written as an escape from the clutches of the world. They were not meant to be action based movies that omitted large parts of the book all for profit and for some gloating by the film makers. The books were meant to be an independent read by the reader alone. The reader wanted to dive into this marvelous world after a long day. It was meant to tire the reader, perhaps as they read it in bed, and leave them dreaming of the beautiful landscapes of Middle-Earth, mystical creatures, strange enchanting tongues and other fantasies that we wished for in this world. Drawing from the European mind and his lore, the stories were intended to subdue the reader in an enthralling world filled with exciting and lurid descriptions of its creatures and peoples. It was meant to be slow. It was meant to meander, recall and toil over the history and lore of Middle-Earth. It was meant to be read as though it is retold by a wise old man or wizard. This cannot possibly be recreated in a movie, certainly not even in 3 hours. The reason this new series of movies with the Hobbit is made into three parts is simply to make more profit. Tolkien would be ashamed. Let us forget about these pathetic money making schemes and return to the books that originally created the magic.

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2 comments on “The Hobbit & Modern Fantasy Movies

  1. Hauer says:

    I always took solace in the fact that Tolkien’s Silmarrillion is unfilmable. At least one of his great works will not be made into a movie.

    Then again, that didn’t seem to stop Jackson from making his latest mess. It’s a sad thing but Tolkien related movies will continue to be made as long as their is money in it.

  2. Melody says:

    Sadly, I think this is the case with many more things. It all comes down to consumerism, materialism and the like. Money over quality. Its also a way to take apart valuable lessons and messages from original said text and leave nothing for the viewer but a soul-less piece of “art”. I must say there are a few good titles out there(non-Hollywood) that will leave you with a good message so to speak (generally I have found made in older dates). The majority is just a waste of valuable time. Nothing replaces a book in my opinion. That is second though to the feeling of experience and knowing all along what you have found was always there. 🙂

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