It should be said that when it comes to the concept of discrimination that we have been conditioned, if not indoctrinated into a mentality that to do so is reprehensible, inconsiderate and disdainful. Any natural instinct we may have to prefer one thing over another is portrayed as something negative. The education system, the cultural elite, the media and the politicians have bombarded us with hateful propaganda in order to destroy this natural human instinct of discrimination. These same entities would have you think that discrimination is solely associated with race relations and exclusively in a negative connotation or context. To not discriminate is to be unable to discern between the bad and good qualities of a certain aspect; the positive and the negative; the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

The cultural destroyers insist that discrimination is only applicable to race. This is not true. Even if it were true, discrimination is completely valid in a racial situation. It is natural for people to only want to associate with their own people and culture and with something that they are familiar with and share a common interest with. Not having a preference for a certain culture or for certain characteristics of a group of people is, quite candidly, not natural. To not do so is to completely repress a natural, innate instinct that forms the basis of our decision making skills. We discriminate in every act and decision in our everyday lives. Discrimination is simply evaluating something and making a preference for one thing over another. We are selecting one alternative and omitting the other because we have deemed it to be inferior or not satisfactory. The most basic decisions we make in our everyday lives, whether it is consciously or unconsciously, are all acts of discrimination. When we choose to park in one spot over another, when we choose to take another route over another, what seat we choose in a classroom or on a bus, when we pick our clothes in the morning, what restaurant we decide to eat at, where we decide to buy our food and clothing, buying another product over another, what school what choose to send our children to (none ideally), buying a new vehicle, buying a house, etc. You wouldn’t choose to drive on a road full of potholes, sit in a seat that is broken, buy a car that is completely rusted, buy a product in a store that is defective or anything else that has another perfectly viable option available. We can obviously observe this same discriminatory behavior in animals and in nature. When birds choose to land in one tree over another, when a rabbit chooses to eat a blade of grass over another, when fish choose one rock over another to lay its’ eggs under, etc.

These are all forms of discrimination and are all done out of necessity, not out of blind hate or ignorance. What we can assess from these examples is that a healthy, functional, normal object is always chosen over one that is unhealthy, defective or harmful. These same ideas can fully be applied to race relations also. Contrary to what the string-pullers and world-conquerors will have you believe, we can observe the characteristics and behaviors of certain groups of people just as in our other daily decisions and apply the same concepts of right and wrong, good and bad and negative and positive to them. Whether it is the language they speak, the grammar they use, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, how obnoxious or arrogant they are, how rude they are, how prone to violence they are, their sense of humor or whatever else it may be, we can determine our own perception of them as we wish. As politically incorrect and “intolerant” as it is, it is natural for us to do and to want to segregate ourselves from other groups.

So no, discrimination does not only apply to race. In the circumstances that it does, it is completely justified for the reasons I have cited. Discrimination is necessary if we are to preserve and advance our own cultural interests. This doesn’t only apply to Europeans and I would encourage all other races to do the same. To do so is to ensure your own safety and the health of your family and everything you hold dear. To not do so is to repress a natural instinct that we all possess regardless of race and use in our everyday lives out of necessity.

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2 comments on “Discrimination

  1. Hauer says:

    “Contrary to what the string-pullers and world-conquerors will have you believe, we can observe the characteristics and behaviors of certain groups of people just as in our other daily decisions and apply the same concepts of right and wrong, good and bad and negative and positive to them. ”

    We all make make our individual identity by doing value judgements with each action we take. When you are judging someone’s identity, all you are really doing is discriminating against their decision making.

    Those that make reject judgement of others are usually really trying to reject judgement of themselves. If you don’t have a high opinion of yourself, you wouldn’t want others to feel the same way about you.

    It is a sad thing that the “tolerance” and “political correctness” are so prevalent in modern society. It comes from the general self-loathing of the entire population.

  2. Those who don’t want to apply a judgment to someone else will never be worthy of being positively judged themselves.

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