The Revolution of France

In our history books and classes in school it is common knowledge that the French Revolution was one of the most significant events in the course of Western Civilization. It marked the transition of governments being ruled by “oppressive” monarchies and aristocratic privilege into a society based on common law and equality without privilege. The French Revolution is commonly recounted as a popular uprising against the tyrannies of ennobled privilege and the struggle for an order based on freedom, equality and democracy. The French Revolution had profound effects on European society and the traditional order of life. After the Revolution, France was the first country in Europe to offer full civil rights and citizenship to the Jews. The Revolution threw out the old order of France and declared that the common man had full jurisdiction and participation in political and civil affairs. The King and Queen were executed along with thousands of other innocent and patriotic Frenchmen.


Here we had the strong, noble and virtuous kingdom of France with thousands of years of history and blood spilled to defend her lands overthrown by a sinister, malicious, malignant world-conquering people whose very existence is based on divine providence and greed. Chaos and disorder were the primary forces of motivation for the revolutionaries and their blood brothers. Napoleon Bonaparte then extended full political and civil rights to the Jews in 1806-1807. The Frenchman who had toiled on his soil with his blood and sweat for thousands of years was now declared equal to the ones who infiltrated their country and was actively working to destroy it. Did the Jew work in the fields and bring home his own spoils? Did the Jew answer his King’s call to battle? Did the Jew defend his lands and people against seemingly indomitable odds? France thus inaugurated a new era in Jewish and European history. Indeed, she thus brought about the modern rebirth of the Jew—the Jew’s full assimilation into modern life. No longer was the Jew a member of just his clan but an equal to all Frenchmen. He was given extended, full political rights that the French people had held in privilege for many generations. Was the modern emancipation of the Jew an accident? I think not. It was part of the liberal spirit which had deviously manifested itself in France, and which could not ignore the Jew and the “maltreatment” that was meted out to him all over Europe. The average Frenchmen did not benefit from the Revolution. Only the Jew could claim victory.


Liberty, Equality and Fraternity…..

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2 comments on “The Revolution of France

  1. Hauer says:

    The French Revolution has always interested me as a historical problem. Their are common elements in it that repeat themselves whenever you have violent revolutions that call for “equality”. The more you study it, the more you can see how history just repeats itself.

    One thing I’ve noticed is how these revolutions, sooner or later, seem to lead to the creation of an empire. The destruction of the aristocracy and other natural power structures creates a void in society. You need a Napoleon, Stalin, or Mao to keep order.

  2. Yes that is true. The Jews have an astute ability to be able to identify the weakest element of a society and exploit it. I think the violent fervor of the lower classes is what propels a revolution to often develop into a subsequent civil war or an empire. It certainly was true with the Soviet Union with the Whites and Reds and with the occupation of Eastern Europe after the war until 1989.

    One thing that I’ve noticed that will inevitably repeat itself in these “Peoples’ Revolutions” is the establishment of a new elite class or aristocratic type of authority. We saw this in France with the Bonapartists, the Jews in Russia, the CPC in China and the KWP in North Korea. This is obviously completely contrary to what the theoretical purpose of these revolts are. If they really wanted “equality”, everybody would be working in the fields and sharing in the effort of their communistic state. Did the Jews go to work in the fields once they established their Soviet Union? Did they disband their secret polices’? The same setup is always clear: the average citizens work the land and provide all for the society while the new elite/Jewish class at the top reaps all of the profits.

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