The Earth Goddess

Mother Nature is continuously striving to advance, upgrade and perpetuate its innumerable plethora of species and inhabitants for its defense, propagation and survival. This applies to all forms of life in her bountiful lands. We are certainly no exception to this law. It applies to us just as it applies to any other organism. The endless variation and diversity of fish, birds, bears, wolves, insects, berries, plants, flowers and trees are just a fraction of Mother Nature’s endowment of life. It is no wonder that the ancient man developed his own system of beliefs and practices as his tribute to the Earth Goddess. He is a part of nature just as any other animal is. The reason why the earth has feminine traits and attributes is because it gives birth to all of its inhabitants; the plants, flowers, trees, rocks, water and all if its animals. This is the same as how women give birth and are the givers of life. The earth is like a woman that gives all of its life, thus, “Mother Earth.”


Each species and sub-species of a family can be further divided. Each can be assiduously examined based on its unique, inimitable and peculiar attributes of survival and its vital characteristics that distinguish it from the others. They all have their own distinct advantages that make them able to survive and compete in their ecosystems. The swiftness of the hare, the ability of birds to fly, the fierce roar and claws of the bear, the sheer size of the elephant, the keen sense of smell of dogs, the agile demeanor of cats, the fluid maneuverability of fish, the turtle’s shell, the ferocious tenacity of the wolf and the bold temerity of the lynx are all just a tiny fraction of the adaptations and defense mechanisms of a few animals. Of course, they have varying characteristics and attributes once broken down further into smaller categories. It is how nature operates and how she always will. Her laws are rigid and unchangeable. It is immutable. It is the cycle of life and everlasting law of the universe for all of eternity.


Tellus, the Earth Goddess

Mother Earth Tree


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