Trees and Flowers

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In the past year I have done much to learn many skills and to learn as much as possible about the old ways of life and traditions that are critical to one’s personal development. Something that was a startling realization to me in the past year was my lack of manual skills and general ineptitude in a sense of self-sufficiency or self-reliance. I was completely deprived in many areas of common knowledge that are necessary for survival and a simple way of life. I did not know how to fish, how to tie basic knots, how to cut wood, how to start a fire in the wilderness, how to make basic game traps, how to garden, how to perform CPR, how to sharpen a knife, how to identify trees, fish, flowers, plants, birds or rocks or anything else that had always been passed down in previous generations. I was very inexperienced in life and did not know what to do or how to find my way through the sea of lies. Many years ago I would spend my days inside, shunned from the light, playing videogames and RPG’s. I had no friends. I was completely dependent on society. I was completely domesticated and had no desire to learn or prepare for the future. I did not care about anything but my immediate satisfaction and entertainment. I was completely in the hands of the puppet-masters. My purpose in writing this is to show that the public education system has failed our children. It has failed in everything but ruining our minds and destroying any sense of self-reliance or independence. The entire purpose is to mentally deprive us. To indoctrinate us. To destroy our natural instinct to learn. To destroy our own determination for life. To destroy us. We do not learn anything that is important for our personal development or success from the educational system. Yes, gay rights, sexual exploration, starving blacks in Africa, the “Holocaust”, multiculturalism, miscegenation, “racial injustice”, voting rights, “safe sex”, white guilt and how horrible the evil European pagans were were all covered in abundance. Not a single word was spared for anything positive. Nothing that is crucial for life’s success was ever taught.

In 2012-2013 I made the mistake of attending university. After many years of being told by the media, my parents and the school system itself, I chose to go to university. I did not believe there was any other way to find success in my adult life. I felt that I was obliged to gain a higher education. I had been duped by the system into thinking it was the only way of finding success. In my mind, I knew it was the wrong decision, but thinking there was no legitimate alternative, I did it anyway. I did not believe I needed a piece of paper to valid my worth. It is a very difficult task to try to find your way out of the forest when there is no light, no footsteps, no signs or no trails to follow. I know many other people have made this mistake also and have been left with a completely devoid sense of life, debt, no job, no children (who are bound to repeat the same mistakes) and utter misery. Such is the way of the modern education system. Had I not realized my mistake, I probably would have found myself in the same situation. I have learned that it is best to follow ones own instinct and to find your own meaning of life. There is more to life than college degrees and the pursuit of wealth.

Now, having been raised in a traditionally moral household, I have always been very race conscious and socially aware. Unlike some of our other brethren in the European/Odalist community, I did not have a great awakening in a sense of a racial enlightenment. It can be described more aptly as a personal intellectual enlightenment. This, however, did not come from the school system or from the television. It came from my own initiative and pursuit (along with some guidance from a certain Mr. Grishnackh also). Instead of spending my money on videogames and candy bars I spent it on books. History books, textbooks, philosophy books, mythology books, gardening books, agriculture books, survival books and field guides for identification. I studied for hours at a time. I forgot what day it was. I did everything in my power to learn. To find new meaning in life. Instead of sleeping in until noon, I woke up with the Sun every morning. I cut all of the sugary and fatty foods from my diet. I started eating the foods I distasted. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins. I started biking everyday. I run every day. I do push ups everyday. I have put away the videogames. I have become inspired. I have created my own ambition. I have learned to appreciate and enjoy Mother Nature. I have learned of the ways of the old. I have learned why our ancestors never changed the way they lived for thousands of years. Ever since my intellectual awakening I have since then spent all of my time reading and fortifying my mind. I have since dedicated my life to my studies and my goal of achieving a simpler life.

Had I been thrown into the wilderness a year ago I would not have survived. Since the beginning of my intellectual journey, I have learned how to tie knots, how to fish, how to identify a tree, how to chop wood, how to work on cars, how to camp, multiple fire starting methods, how to cook in the wilderness and much more. What I have learned from my experiences is that we are perfectly capable of teaching ourselves. We can learn all we need and more in life from cultivating it within ourselves. We can do this by refusing to send our children to the indoctrination camps and by playing an active role in their lives by homeschooling them. Only then can we preserve the upward development of our children into beautiful, responsible and dutiful Europeans. Only then can we purify our minds and start following the overgrown path that has been neglected for so long.

When a flower or tree does not have the soil, water and nutrients it needs to grow, sometimes it has to create its own. That is what I have learned on my journey. I have learned that personal status, affluence and material wealth does not supersede the collective well-being of our European peoples. I have learned that Mother Nature does not care for preserving the individual. She cares for the preservation of the whole species. I have learned to be compassionate for those I should care about. I have learned that everything we do now directly affects ourselves in the future. I have learned to live for our future generations. I have learned that my personal pleasure and comfort does not take precedent over the common interest of our European community. Most importantly, I have learned about life.


The real meaning of Life.

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  1. Stefano says:

    I enjoyed this, a beautifully written, thoughtful and enlightened piece.

    I went to a technical school and learnt my trade, the manly discipline of shipbuilding, and associated academic work at college. I do not regret my later postgrad humanities studies as I do believe it opened up my mind. However my studies were unusual, viz. under the auspices of traditionalist Catholics rather than the usual cultural marxist brainwashing. I did exceptionally well in terms of grades. Varg has identified Catholicism, the more Germanic the better I say, as 90% European paganism. My primary influence and Course convener left the priesthood after I finished there so a lot more could be said about what transpired.

    I currently have eight children by one very good woman and we cannot home school. Again we do use Catholic education and teach them our viewpoints too. The scum in charge of our nations are set on subverting and closing these last institutions of conservative values and are determined to pervert European children especially in the area of gay rights. There are problems of course especially their support of immigration; I am a “Catholic” in the most nominal cultural sense.

    If you don’t mind me giving some input on your diet I’d advise you to look into ancestral eating, the so-called paleolithic diet, the best rendition being the ‘Perfect Health Diet’; that book is an intellectual masterpiece. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate a lot of fat and traditional cooking always uses a lot of fat. Negroes on the other hand love their starches.

    Add to your outdoor life skills by buying a good machete, I swear by my Condor Barong Machete and much of my physical training is done with this brutal piece of metal. My own focus is on lost warrior skills and self-defense and I spend hours of disciplined training and pay for private lessons. If it were possible I could train with bladed weaponry for more hours than there are in a day.

    All the best.

    • Wow congratulations on your contribution to our community! 8 children! That must be exciting! I can only hope to be as successful one day.

      Yes, I agree with Varg’s assessment of Catholicism/Christianity being mostly European paganism. Theologically, it is a completely Semitic desert religion based on superstition and Hebrew mythology. Morally, it is mostly pagan. I would say I agree completely with the Church on social affairs such as abortion, marriage, fidelity and the homosexuals (even though I have a feeling the new Pope will change this because of his tolerance). The reason why Christians are moral is because most of their practices and beliefs were adopted from pagan traditions. It is inherently European in belief because of this reason; but a foreign plague in execution. On economic and cultural affairs, the Church is completely in collaboration with the cultural Marxists and international bankers and the ZOG new world order. The Church’s own history of invading pagan lands, destroying their symbols and culture and imposing their own religion on the natives is completely heinous and not part of our European worldview. Unrestricted immigration into our countries, refugees flooding into our countries from Zionist wars, billions in charity and food to third world countries and the usual positions on tolerance and multiculturalism are all standard. It is a religion of equality, egalitarianism and humanitarianism. There are no standards of acceptance or discrimination towards anyone. Anyone can be a Christian, regardless of ethnicity or creed. The same cannot be said of a pagan.

      Dieting is difficult. When I changed my diet, I lost about 20 pounds in about a month. I was pretty alarmed at how fast my weight dropped, but it was not unhealthy. Running was not difficult though. I always had very good stamina and excelled in distant running in school. Adjusting my body back into a routine of running everyday was not difficult even though my legs strained afterwards for a couple weeks. Now there is no pain and my stamina has grown greatly.

      I’ll be sure to look into selecting a nice machete. I am planning on learning how to shape spears from wood with a knife in the wilderness. When we try to relearn the ways of the old through survivalism, we are not simply learning a new skill or a new hobby; we are relearning an ancient way of life. A life that has been lost and hidden from us for thousands of years. We have to awaken the pagan spirit from within us that has been lying dormant for thousands of years. That is why it is so difficult, yet so familiar and fulfilling I believe.

  2. Stefano says:

    Catholicism is an interesting blend of paganism and Semitic thought and I no longer have much interest in it. Because of Varg Vikernes’ recent input, I just read SRAS too, I’m going to finally read Alexander Hislop’s old classic ‘The Two Babylons’ that alleges the Catholic Church is ‘a veiled continuation of the pagan religion of Babylon.’ This is all far removed from my studies that focused on Vatican II and post-conciliar Catholic theology and philosophy. What is your opinion on when and why the rot came in? The modernist left now dominates almost everywhere and I certainly don’t blame Christianity despite it lamely following the regnant trends into liberalism. The Church was certainly the problem in 11th-century Scandinavia but an entirely different nihilistic force is deconstructing the traditions and heritage of our race over the last 60 years.

    I assure you the present Pope isn’t as tolerant as he appears, he isn’t the liberal pontiff the Press has been fantasizing about for decades. Modern Catholicism is both duplicitous and too diplomatic, no moral doctrinal changes are afoot whatsoever: I understand the nature of the beast. I think your overall analysis of Catholicism is superb but a little unfair concerning the Church’s economic and social positions; the so-called Catholic Social Teaching corpus from ‘Rerum Novarum,’ is quite impressive riding a fine line between laissez faire capitalism and communistic ideology. Furthermore, the Vatican continues to infuriate the US and Israel by refusing to support the Zionist enterprise against the “terrorists.” I think the Muslim financial law, opposition to usury et al, is a far more potent antidote to Jewish banking practices than CST; they simply refuse to participate in it and the Third Reich had similar ideas for Germanics.

    I have a lot more to learn about Odalism and paganism, I’m fully aware of this and also that I’m steeped in both Abrahamic and postmodern thought. Please accept my opinions are in flux and I deeply revere your and Varg’s intellectual positions. I hope I am still learning.

    • Thank you for your compliments. It is nice to be able to read from someone who writes with such fine eloquence. How refreshing it is to be able to read something tangible and comprehensible amongst all of the slang and bilious inarticulateness of today. These thought-provoking conversations are something I have always enjoyed about our community.

      While my theories about the origin of the plague are not latent, I am still unsure about its creation and I am not sure we will ever know its true background. I am not even sure this Jesus fellow even existed. While there are many theories to consider, I am inclined to believe that it was created by a degenerating Rome as a psychological tool for reestablishing order and for placating the masses. The various civil wars in Rome through the first century BC with figures such as Sulla, Caesar, Mark Antony and Lepidus along with the potent force of the military to disrupt the order between the patricians and the plebeians, the binding power of the Council of the Plebs to thwart the plans of the Senate and patrician/equestrian class and spontaneous insurrections in the provinces (Judea being the most unruly) all contributed to the disorganization and disarray of the late Republic.This plan obviously failed to reestablish order given the ensuing tumult and continuous warfare of the Empire. So, not only were Europeans enslaved by the Judean poison and had their native religion decimated, but they continued to fight in foreign wars for the expansion of an oligarchical elite. Sound familiar? Like any disease, it is important to know how it infiltrates and by what methods it harms the body. This is just as true in the case of Christianity but our foremost and most urgent priority should be to eliminate it from it’s host.

      One fairly recent example that demonstrates my concern about the Church following the recent trend of the liberals is the repudiation of the Jewish blood curse in the second Vatican council. This is an appalling example of the power of the Jews to dictate the belief of another religion. While the Church may not support the Zionist overseas enterprise, they seem to have adopted the same perfidious tactics of the world-conquerors by gradual subversion of morals through the means I have listed before.

      SRAS was quite illuminating, if not enamoring to read. The scholarship was quite amazing considering how scant the sources for the pre-Christian religion are. While I certainly had a fairly good grasp on paganism for many years, I did learn a lot from reading it. I went and listened to all of his post prison albums with a new perspective after reading it and realized that they all had the same theme of the deity of light descending into darkness and returning with the secrets of the divine as the coming of the Spring/Summer. While I had a vague idea of what Varg’s post-prison message was, I don’t think I would have fully understood it had I not read his book. I think it is a beautiful way of man describing his relationship with nature and personifying the cycles of life.

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