An Odd Theory on Cell Phones

Everywhere and at any time you look there will inexorably be teenagers and people of all ages on their cell phones. It does not matter the location, time, reason or appropriateness. I have even heard of people using their little devices on dates. These little propaganda devices (telescreens) are so ubiquitous and pervasive into our everyday lives that they are essentially inescapable. One is seen as having a mental deficiency or some sort of social ineptitude if they are not constantly preoccupied with their little device. They infiltrate the mind and leave the user staring indefinitely and torpidly down at the screen. This idea not only applies to cell phones but to social media of all types (Facebook, Twitter, etc), clothing, fashion, music and even down to the way people personally talk (their grammatical and vocabulary preferences). Non-conformity is not acceptable. It is seen as a plague of the mind that must immediately be remedied. Even something as simple as reading a book (intellectual stimulation) is perceived as aberrant and should immediately be stamped out. “Oy Vey! What’s this? Someone not using their propaganda device? Not watching negro reality television? Not watching their favorite sports star? Not listening to Judeo-negro ‘rap music’? Not reading Freud? Not dressing, talking, acting or doing what everybody else is doing??!?! Individual thought?!?!?! ATTACKKKKKKK! Bring out the psychologists!”



What is the appeal of these little devices? Why do they always have the insatiable “need” to socialize? Why do they have the urge to always inform everybody of what they are doing with their own lives? Do they not value their own privacy? Are they not individuals? Is it something so incomprehensible to them? Why do they always need to be preoccupied with some meager game or gadget? Is it impossible for the cattle to not walk in a straight line? It would seem that the entire objective in life to these dregs is to desperately keep boredom in check. These pesky little devices can be blamed (but obviously not all of the blame can be placed on the device itself) for much of the social destructiveness and idiocy that has poisoned the minds of our youth. They are no different than drugs or alcohol. It truly is an addiction, yet it is erroneously seen as a form of “healthy” communication or socialization. Whenever the newest model (newest brain defiler) of some device is released the masses are whipped into a delirious frenzy and foam at the mouth. Even though they are essentially the same item with some new software (theoretically), it is social suicide to not be in possession of the newest device. To be seen without one at all is not “cool.” To abstain from such trends is astonishing and deplorable in the mind of the masses. “How can you not have one?!?” Materialism and conformity could not complement each other in any greater example.


One thing that has become startlingly apparent is what affects these little monochromatic devices have had on our young women. With women it is disproportionately clear that they are the predominant users of these devices. It is a prevalent factor in their everyday lives; they use them for mirrors, socializing with peers, social networking, talking incessantly, alarm clocks, calendars, reminders and of course, for their petty games. Indeed, most of them would probably say that they “couldn’t live without them.” More specifically, I have noticed that these cell phones have taken an appalling position in the lives of young women. Young girls are raised with an inherent motherly instinct. They play with dolls, play with babies, play dress-up, like to experiment with their hair, like helping their mothers cook and always want to be just like them. When they play with their baby toys they are emulating and practicing everything that they would do with their own children. They hold them gently, feed them, dress them, burp them, wash them, comfort them when they cry and more importantly, love them. Even when they advance to older models they learn how to do their hair. It is completely healthy. They develop with the mind of a future mother who is to be nurturing and loving. It is natural. It is their role.

The cell phone can be seen as a corrupter of innocence. They have essentially supplanted in these young minds the dream of wanting to be a mother. Instead of anticipating and becoming excited at the idea of having children, many young girls have greater anticipation for getting cell phones. Instead of giving their little girl their first doll, the parents will now give her her first cell phone. No longer do they look forward to doing all of the things a caring mother should do. The cell phone can effectively replace all of these motherly instincts and activities. Instead, they cannot wait to play all of their games on them, talk with their friends (who are also at ages 7-12), text, take excessive amounts of childish pictures and even dress them up! It is their little electronic baby. Why they want them or their parents allow them to have one is completely unthinkable to me. Why on this earth would a sane parent give their child a cell phone (even at ages as young as 3 or 4!)? These little devices are a threat to a girl’s development into a mother. They are nothing but entertainment devices. Completely unstimulating and vapid. Their new child is to be a new cell phone whenever the newest piece of plastic is released. Why the parents allow such a thing to happen is incomprehensible. Toss these electronic devices into the abyss and raise your children properly!


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2 comments on “An Odd Theory on Cell Phones

  1. jlorik says:

    My dear niece, a very well-raised little girl, was not allowed to get a cell phone until she turned fourteen. She was the only kid in her class that didn’t have one, for years! When I was in school, the only people who had cell phones (or pagers) were drug dealers. One more reason not to send your children to school…peer pressure is the only reason a child would think they need one of these devices.

    • I never wanted one either. I would rather live in a world without them. Without all of the constant buzzing, ringing, beeping, games and the dead soul-less users staring down at them like zombies. I agree that they are mainly bought by these kids because of peer pressure and to conform to their peers. One of my cousins received hers when she was 9 years old! She complained that she was the only one among her friends to not have one! She only uses it for games! When we are at family gatherings all of the kids can be found staring down at their devices playing games and texting. If this is not an alarming state of reality, then I do not know what is. As I said, to be without one is unacceptable to the masses. And these little devices keep progressively getting more addicting, more time consuming, more disruptive and more intrusive in our everyday lives. They come out with new models it would seem daily. You are bombarded daily by the commercials for them on the television, (which I thankfully don’t own) the radio, newspapers, billboards and other street advertisements. You would think it was the meaning of life itself to own one. They are some peoples’ lives.

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