Our Sacred Women

Today’s women and young girls are living in a world of lies, confusion, subjugation and a culture of sexual perversion, promiscuity and fornication. It was unheard of for a young girl to become pregnant between the ages of 11 and 17 even a couple of generations ago. In the rare case of a teenage pregnancy, the parents of the two would force them to get married and to raise the child. Men were not cowards who left the child to the women and played no role in raising it. Abortion was not an option in such a time period. It was immoral and unthinkable to terminate one’s own child. There were probably very few doctors who would be willing to perform such a heinous act and have to live with the haunting guilt. In today’s conventional world, it is unheard of for a young girl NOT to have sex before marriage, even with multiple partners. They have been pressured and induced by almost all forms of decadence and degeneracy. The feminists will claim that they have been “liberated” or “freed” from the oppressive domination of men but will cry out in protest when expected to have responsibility or play a role in raising their (illegitimate) children from their multiple partners. Children might “interfere” with their lives or with their “careers.” They might not be able to go out drinking or partying with their peers. They might have to buy them clothing and food instead of spending it on cigarettes. Oh how horrible it is to have an accepted responsibility to pass on your genes and raise your children as decent beings.

Sad-Girl-Face-640x360 Help Her.

For decades the Jews have attacked and degraded the image and core of a womans’ identity: Her natural role as a nurturing mother and caregiver. Through a war of deception, infiltration and subversion the Jews have waged a most insidious and successful campaign against the very existence of European motherhood. The Jews possess an innate malignance and motivation for destruction. No other group has wielded so much power or influence over the shaping and molding of public opinion and mass movements throughout history. Through a prolonged war of trickery and perversion the Jews have managed to convince a great number of healthy women to abandon their motherly instincts and to defect to the ranks of the enemies. The toll has been high and I suspect a fair amount of healthy genetic stock has been lost from many women choosing a path of celibacy or miscegenation. The blame for this decay of morals and undisciplined degeneracy lies in feminism. The feminists are merely the subjects of a genocidal Judeo-Bolshevik created mindset whose goal is to reduce the fertility and number of children bore by European women.

WGtVTli ortho-feminist-empowerment

Jews have played a prevalent role in the creation of feminism.

It can be furthermore claimed that feminism is solely a Jewish creation used to covertly sterilize much of our women. Modern contraceptives were the creation of three Jews in the 20th century: Gregory Goodwin Pincus, Carl Djerassi and George Rosenkranz.

There are obvious differences in the natures and qualities of men and women. I do not see why women seemingly want to inherit all of the negative traits of men and want to be considered their equals. Men are the providers for the family and discipliners of the children while the mother is the nurturer and caregiver.


Too often, if not daily, I see women who have the potential to be decent and revert back to the traditional ways of their ancestors but are sadly misguided or are open embracers of a culture of dishonour. Women! Toss aside the shackles of your foreign aggressors and embrace your natural beauty! Grow your hair as long as possible, wear traditional dress, don’t wear makeup or take any form of birth control. You are beautiful as you are. Do not allow anyone to tell you elsewise. Do not allow the Jews to manipulate your innocence, loving sincerity, feminine integrity, brazen dignity and your role for securing the posterity of our people. Do not neglect your elegant and bountiful duty as a mother. The fruits of motherhood will be plenty and enjoyable. Our future descendants and kin depend on it.


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