Where Are All of the Race Conscious Women?

Something that is painfully obvious is the lack of women in the white nationalist/Odalist movement. This is by no means a new revelation to me or should be to anyone else. Our movement is a splintered and divided one. Just as there are differences of opinion on Christianity in the general white nationalist movement, there will be different perceptions of the role of women. This is something we cannot allow and will eventually be our decimation if nothing is done to address it. Many will come from the perspective of misogyny and will take a very negative perspective of modern women. This is a suicidal idea and must be discarded immediately. We cannot disparage or hold any negative thoughts about our women. We must see them as they are. Men and women have very clearly defined roles. The man is the provider and supporter of the family. Women are the givers of life. They possess many finer qualities that men could never fully replicate: Compassion, tenderness, caregiving, nurturing, empathy and most importantly, loving. Instead of rejecting these fine qualities we must embrace them.

Indeed, many of us in the movement feel rejected and unmotivated because of the absence of recognition for who we are and for not being accepted for what we believe in. This is a most deleterious and adverse relationship with our own kind. If this relationship is allowed to continue, the end result is most grave. Most of us would like to think that there will be some form of reward or pay-off from digging so long for truth and for not conforming. The unfortunate reality is that this is not always correct to assume. Yes some of us will find decent wives of tradition after years of searching and hard work but not all. I have compiled what I believe are the critical reasons why there are disproportionately more racially conscious men than women:

I. Women are more driven by emotion than men. Most women think in terms of action and consequence and are more susceptible to their emotions. They do not always think as logical as men do. They are more caring and compassionate for the feelings and emotions of others. They do not always see our enemies as the savages they are. They are more likely to feel pity for our enemies. Many of them have been brainwashed into wanting to be the equals of man and being able to do everything he can do while inheriting all of his negative traits (anger, vulgarity, alcoholism, etc). Many will not want children because it will “interfere” with their “careers.” Coupling this with a media that promotes a culture of degeneracy, miscegenation and racial victimhood and the results are catastrophic. As such, they are much less likely to adopt an ideology that espouses race and blood over multiculturalism or “tolerance.”

II. A lot of people in nationalist movements are very pessimistic and negative. We see the world for how it is. We are intolerant. We see what has happened and what is still happening to our culture and people and are reacting to it.We do not comply with political correctness or pander to the interests of our enemies. Women are repelled by an aura of negativity. They want men who are optimistic and happy.

III. Many of us are socially awkward and inept. This is a candid observation that cannot be ignored. Many of us are rejected for what we believe in. We are very reclusive and isolated and have difficulties understanding the motivations of others. We are nervous around women. Some of us are very shy and not sociable at all. This is not a problem however in my mind. There are women with these same attributes who feel just the same as us. They are just less common. These are often overlooked qualities in men. What we lack in social skills is accommodated with our vigorous self-efficacy, tenacity, determination, temerity to succeed and our compassion for our race. Any woman who can recognize and appreciate such traits is one that should be commended and is worth pursuing for a partner.

IV. Feminism. Jewish Feminism has taken the identity of our women and reshaped it into something that was never meant to be. Women were never meant to work in factories, bring home an income or send their children off to daycare. This has devalued the true purpose of marriage significantly. Children need to be nurtured and raised properly by a loving mother. Feminism has greatly degraded and debased our women into an unrecognizable state by preying on their emotional weaknesses. Feminism has poisoned the minds of our women into a vile, multicultural, man-hating, children-hating mindset. The results of over 100 years of women defiling and desecration have spoken for themselves. Lower birth rates, more miscegenation, more abortions, higher divorce rates, higher celibacy rates, promiscuity and our women having sex at younger ages than before.



 European men! Always treat your women with respect and convey it through acts of generosity and loyalty such as always letting her go first, holding the door open for her, offering her a coat when she is cold, pulling out her chair, giving up your seat when needed, always walking on the street side of the sidewalk, escorting her home and never let anyone disrespect her or try to attack her. A simple “I do not appreciate your disrespect for this young lady. I want you to apologize” to any would-be threat will show how loyal you are to her. If she is of true quality she will fall in love. This long lost concept of chivalry is a lost relic of the old world. Let us revive this noble system of chivalry! I call upon every man to show his true feelings and character to the woman he loves. I call upon every man to demonstrate his nobleness and valor. I call upon every man to be courageous when the odds are against him. Never retreat and never succumb to any threat. Never allow anybody to insult or hurt her. Never allow anyone to degrade her. Never allow her to feel inferior about herself. Tell her she is beautiful. Compliment her on her hair or eyes. When the time is right, tell her you love her.


Nature has demonstrated that those with the will to survive will survive. Those who submit and do not offer any form of resistance will perish. This is our fate if we do not do anything. Go find your princess. Hail Freyja! Hail Frigg! Hail Aphrodite! Hail Venus!


The chivalrous European.


Our beautiful children will be a remnant of the past if nothing is done.


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