The Most Hated Man?

It is said repeatedly, indeed incessantly by the media, our politicians, gesticulating “historians” and in everyday language and conversation around us that Adolf Hitler was the worst person to ever live. He is considered the very essence and was the living incarnate of “evil.” In today’s world, the very worst thing to call someone or compare someone to is a “Nazi” (the Jewish created word that the National Socialists themselves never used) or “Hitler.” Everybody is allowed, regardless of race or politics to impetuously throw around these words and comparisons without base or context because it has been distorted by our politicians, the media and the puppet masters themselves into something of exorbitant proportion. It appears in everyday language and permeates every facet of our society when possible, whether it is on television (the “History Channel” especially), the occasional news story, in books, music etc. Furthermore, they constantly create and present these odd theories and topics about the Third Reich whether it is the homosexual claim of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP, Hitler having one testicle, Hitler having Jewish ancestry (this one is particularly puzzling) the obsession of the Occult, UFO’s and many more that a simple Google search will result. It is simply a way to shroud and conceal and defile the image of these great men and their Jewish-rid country and the truth about this historical era of time and the REAL reason why the war was fought. The word “Fascist” can be used freely by anyone or “______ Nazi” to denote someone of strict or generally negative or controlling composure. We are told that the German people quivered in fear of him and were scared to say anything because the SS or Gestapo would “round them up” and “send them off to a concentration camp” or “torture their families” or something similar to that. We are told that the German people hated him and were “manipulated” by this “megalomaniac” into mindless subservience and servitude and that they wanted to remove him from power by any means possible but couldn’t because of fear of the SS and Gestapo. Never mind the fact that Hitler was democratically elected by constitutional means and the NSDAP swept the elections and the Reichstag. Never mind the zeal and enthusiasm of the German people for ridding themselves of the shackles of Versailles and the Jewish control of German media, culture, finance and politics and for embracing their own Pagan culture and ages old customs and for their triumphal leader recovering their ancestral lands. Never mind that this man raised the German people from the moral decline and corruption after being back stabbed in 1918, brought economic prosperity to his country, rid the media of any Jewish influence and wealth, rid his country of all forms of Jewish created hedonistic and degenerate expression, expelled the monopoly and influence of the Jewish financiers and bankers, promoted the real arts, reestablished the dignity and strength of his country’s defense forces after it being stripped by the Treaty of Versailles and poured all of his life into his work for his country and people. Never mind the fact that this man rode around in his open motorcade through thousands of people hundreds, if not thousands of times in his life to rallies and to give completely unprotected speeches on open balconies and podiums. Surely such a hated man could do such a thing. No mass uprising, riot or coup was ever attempted by the general populace under this man. Never mind that the “beloved” President of the United States has millions of dollars spent on his security detail, his armoured car, his taste testers and the planning of all of his daily events and routes. Never mind that the Pope has to ride around in a mobile bomb shelter. We are never told about what this man did for the Fatherland and for his people. We are given a completely distorted and utterly despicable and impudent presentation of this man’s accomplishments, zeal, tenacity, charm and love of his people and race. One can see the tenacity, determination and temerity in this man’s unwavering eyes when watching one of his speeches. It is one of my dreams to have been able to see this man before a sea of followers and be in awe. This man dedicated his life to the preservation and existence of our European peoples and died because he defied the global demonic hegemony of the Jews and their plan for the extinction of all that we have held dear. May his image in the masses be rehabilitated and may his legacy of truth live in eternity. 

The Most Hated Man:














Terrified Subjects:




Konstantin Hierl

Joachim Peiper

Otto Ernst Remer, the terminator of the July 20th Putsch.




Fritz Christen
From Wikipedia: “On the morning of September 24, 1941, Christen and his anti-tank battery were engaging Russian targets north of the village of Lushno (Luzhno). In an initial engagement, Soviet skirmishers killed all of the other men of the battery. While exposed to artillery and small arms fire, Christen manned his 50mm cannon alone, holding on without supplies or provisions for the next three days. When a counterattack by other Totenkopf troops recaptured Lushno, Christen was credited with having knocked out 13 Soviet tanks and killed nearly 100 enemy soldiers singlehandedly. The soldiers that greeted him were baffled that a single artilleryman could hold his position against hundreds of Soviet troops and a formidable armor presence. For this stunning act of individual bravery, SS-Obergruppenführer Theodor Eicke awarded Christen with the Iron Cross, First Class and recommended him simultaneously for the Knight’s Cross. Subsequently, Hitler awarded him the Knight’s Cross, making Christen the first enlisted man in his division to be given the honor”






Joachim Peiper

Sepp Dietrich

Fritz Christen



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