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About the Attack in France Today

I got up today and read that some alleged Muslim went to the offices of a “satirical” magazine in Paris and shot 12 journalists and cartoonists dead.

And right on cue, all across news feeds, the dumb goyim are walking right into the trap set for them by Jews.

The magazine in question, which, let’s be honest, most will never have heard of until today, is called Charlie Hebedo. Ostensibly this is billed as a “satirical magazine”. Notice that by calling it that, it gives the impression of a publication that is entirely harmless and even just fun. I should like to point out that some years ago, British police and British intelligence hounded two British men for copying and distributing copies of “Tales of the Holohoax”. They fled to American in an attempt to gain political asylum. An obvious error, since running from Britain to the US is the proverbial frying pan to fire scenario. Suffice to say that when brought back to Britain they were sent to prison. You see, “satire” is only satire when it’s Jews poking fun at non Jews. They can degrade all non Jews through the medium of their Jew owned satirical publications, yet two men are hounded like international terrorists for producing satire aimed at Jews. The goy will never grasp this though. Too complicated for them to look into and think about. Much easier just to go with the media narrative and never bother to look deeper.

The French magazine, if you do some digging around, is extremely anti European, anti white, and among it’s oh so funny depictions are cartoons of Mohammed giving a homosexual kiss to someone faggoty. The dumb goy will not see any of that though, sadly. They will see it precisely how they were meant to see it – “Dem Muslims are attacking our personal freedoms”. Go ask them how long they think I would last if I produced a “satirical magazine” in which I made fun of “the holocaust”, or of Jews in general? Ask them if there would be an outcry over it? Ask them if myself and my magazine would be able to go about our business freely, or would Jews get cops to raid my offices, seize my devices, and throw myself and my staff in prison. For someone like you, these are rhetorical questions. However, if you ask them to any dumbed down goy that you see going on about this story today, then at the very least it will short circuit their small brain.

For example, Charlie Hebdo, the magazine in France, it is best known for it’s scatology and anti white rhetoric. Philippe Val, the director of Charlie-Hebdo, was later appointed by Sarkozy as director of France-Inter, a public radio station (99% jewish).

This is precisely and exactly the sort of publication that National Socialist would have thrown on a pyre, along with all the other dirty Jew books that they burned, porn etc. In 2014, we have white people rushing to the defence of the sort of filth that Hitler would have ordered to be destroyed. Ironically, while we do that, the only people that appear to have retained the spirit of Hitler are… Muslims. Of course, there would be no need to have “French” newspapers in France publishing “satirical” cartoons about foreign religions if the practioners of this foreign religion weren’t allowed into Europe and France in the first place.

It’s no coincidence that this magazine gets free reign to produce it’s anti white filth, it is no surprise that it gets a free hand to provoke Muslims with filthy imagery. It’s no surprise because the publication is Jew run. Jews are never called to account, therefore, they can produce all the hate and incitement material that they want, aimed at whoever they wish.

Another example of this was that Jew film about Kim Jong-Un. Again we had the “it’s just a satirical film” whine. And yet again, almost all goyim fell for it. I wonder how well a film would go down that was produced by non Jews, a satirical tale about murdering Netenyahu. I wonder if Jews would still be laughing at that? The hypocrisy here is staggering and I would urge you to be point it out today, in every and any news feed that pertains to these attacks in France.

The Jews want to create massive domestic and international conflict between Muslims and European people. They want to destroy us both to weaken us both, and they want us to hate on Muslims so that we will be sympathetic to Jew plans for the Middle East and including their Greater Israel plan and consider the greatest enemies of our race as our “allies.” Looks like it is going to work as well, because we are just too damn thick to think critically enough and fast enough and certainly not the masses who learn everything they know from the Jew media.

Jews pass their incitement and hate off in their “satire” ALL the time. It happened in 2005 as well, this time in Denmark.

September 30th 2005, Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, publishes twelve so-called cartoons, most of which depict the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, something it is against the Islamic faith to do, regardless of what he might be doing. These cartoons are subsequently reprinted in over fifty countries resulting in large scale protests by the worldwide Muslim community.This is exactly why they were printed. To inflame the tensions between the western world, and the Muslim community and encourage the Western world and the Muslim community to be further alienated so they can fight amongst each other until only the Jews are left. The cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten responsible for the original publication of these cartoons? Flemming Rose, a Jew.

It’s obvious to me that we are being played, and that Jews are going at this because they have something big in mind, and that something is to turn Muslim against European and European against Muslim. It suits Jews domestically. It can be used to remove more freedoms from all of us, under the guise of protecting us. It suits Jews internationally, because the sort of thick as shit goy that make up our “society” today, they will be so drunk on their “two minutes hate” against Muslims at home, that they will pay no attention to Jewry carving up the Middle East along their insane Greater Israel lines.

And of course, the usual “are we next?” narrative of paranoia is being frantically pushed in the Jew owned American and European media as part of the obvious plan to impart fear into the minds of the goyim sheeple and create deeper anti-Muslim sentiments in the minds of their slaves while they remain completely blind to the real enemies of Europe and those who let the sub-human scum in in the first place, the Jews.

Then as usual there is the “good muslims” and “bad muslims” talking point that is inevitably brought up. The argument for the former will presuppose that there are muslims who genuinely care about the preservation of our European blood, race and culture and who are outraged at the conduct of their co-religionists. This may be true in some cases but it is completely false and I don’t care about any anecdotal cases. Yes the Muslims our our enemies but the Jew is our greatest enemy because they are ones who let them in in the first place and who have conspired and acted in such hate, vileness, vehemence and cruelty against our peoples!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a typical tactic that the Jews orchestrate in order to divert our attention away from the real issue at hand. I have been seeing in the headlines and news stories also the framing of this attack as an issue about “free speech” and “our freedoms.” Well sorry but I really don’t care about these issues at the moment. It is most definitely not our “free speech” (the same idea of “freedom of speech” that has given us pornography, feminism and sorts of crudities on our televisions) that is being attacked in this incident, but our very existence as a people. I am tired of the endless lies and narratives that are being promoted by the press and the mild tone that is always taken about the security of our lives and families when these Jewish false flags happen but are instead surpassed by the typical vociferous “anti-terrorist” line that is pushed and the distinguishment between “good muslims” and “bad muslims” in our countries.

I am optimistic though. Yes this will make people sympathize with the Jews and Israel but it is also rapidly contributing to the awakening of the European peoples. We must realize that most European countries have “hate speech” and “race laws” that prevent them from organizing or even being allowed to discuss these paramount issues that face us. The more and more attacks like this that happen the quicker Europe will awaken. The more murders, riots, rapes, stabbings, burnings and lootings that happen the better! This can only accelerate the collapse of the entire rotten system of this modern world and free us from the tyranny of our Jewish occupied governments once people get over their fear of the sub-human scum on our soil and their backing by our repressive governments who have made their race-replacement plan their prime agenda. To those of the brainwashed and induced masses who awaken and realize the true purpose behind the agenda of the Jews and can recognize their symptoms and their overall goal of world conquest I applaud them and wish for them to join us. To those who can’t, the malevolent symptoms of the Jewish disease will be forced onto them one way or another whether it is one of their family members being harmed or they themselves being harmed. Eventually the police will revolt, attacks like these will become common place, more and more mongrels will appear, our Jew-lackey governments will refuse to recognize any sort of problem and will still keep their agenda churning, trains and buses won’t run, food will become scarce or nonexistent and the last of the sane whites will flee the cities to the countryside before the collapse. Only then can we throw off our conventional moral restraints and clean out our homes.

Be wary. Be alert. Move out to the countryside and prepare. Serve our people and Europe when the time comes!

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